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CÓroc, cocktail, zoolander

A Really, Really Ridiculously Good-Looking Cocktail

By: Mila Pantovich   |   February 11, 2016
Lifestyle Editor | JustLuxe

Zoolander 2 has finally arrived and it’s really funny. With plenty of new jokes that don’t simply rely on the first film, there are a lot of surprises and tons of celebrity appearances (including some of fashion’s biggest names)...

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vitamix, blender

The Vitamix Professional 750 Blender is a Beast in the Kitchen

By: Christina Stewart   |   February 10, 2016
Managing Editor | JustLuxe

Most people have heard the old adage “you get what you pay for,” particularly when something that was purchased exceeds or falls short of their expectations. After getting our hands on the Vitamix Professional Series...

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the lot, luxury cinema, san diego

The Lot in San Diego Remembers What Other Luxury Cinemas Forget

By: Mila Pantovich   |   February 09, 2016
Lifestyle Editor | JustLuxe

Luxury cinemas are no longer a rarity and some cities now have multiple companies to choose from. Though they all put a classier spin on “dinner and a movie,” many of them seem to put more of an effort in the latter, often forgetting...

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Chef, Ari Taymor, Interview

Chef Ari Taymor on the LA Food Sceneís Newfound Sense of Self

By: Mila Pantovich   |   February 08, 2016
Lifestyle Editor | JustLuxe

Chef Ari Taymor may be young, but he’s already made a huge impact on the Los Angeles culinary scene. Before turning 30, his critically-acclaimed Alma was named the best new restaurant in 2013 by Bon Appetite, he won Best New Chef by Food &...

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Harlequin Illusions, wine rack

The Wine Rack That Will Make Your Bottles Disappear

By: Mila Pantovich   |   February 05, 2016
Lifestyle Editor | JustLuxe

Though the Pinetti Wine Rack from Harlequin Illusions may appear normal, first impressions can be very deceiving. If you take a second look, you’ll notice that wine bottles appear to vanish as they pass through the center of the design, only...

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Arnaudís Restaurant

Recreate This Decadent $9.8M Strawberry Dessert From NOLA's Arnaudís Restaurant

By: Mila Pantovich   |   January 22, 2016
Lifestyle Editor | JustLuxe

Countless couples have gotten engaged at Arnaud’s Restaurant in New Orleans through the years. Since 1978, the establishment has made it their mission to help people orchestrate the perfect proposal over a meal and their newest offering is...

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Mellow, slow cooker, sous-vide

Later, Crock-Pot! Hello, Mellow! The New Sous-Vide Cooker That Will Change Dinnertime

By: Mila Pantovich   |   January 19, 2016
Lifestyle Editor | JustLuxe

Sure, crock-pots are quick and easy to use, but they’re always going to be a little unsightly on your Italian marble countertops. Enter: Mellow. This kitchen gadget may look a little like an empty modern aquarium, but it actually cooks your...

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Crateful, Cristina Bowerman

Michelin-Starred Chef Delivers Pre-Made Restaurant-Quality Food Straight to Your Doorstep

By: Mila Pantovich   |   January 14, 2016
Lifestyle Editor | JustLuxe

Italy-born Cristina Bowerman nabbed herself a Michelin star in 2010 and just last year was named Chef Ambassador to the 2015 World Expo, making her a serious contender in the culinary world. And now she's added a meal delivery service to her...

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per se, thomas keller, new york times

Thomas Keller's Per Se Receives Scathing Two-Star New York Times Review

By: Mila Pantovich   |   January 13, 2016
Lifestyle Editor | JustLuxe

“With each fresh review, a restaurant has to earn its stars again,” wrote New York Times reporter Pete Wells yesterday. “In its current form and at its current price, Per Se struggled and failed to do this, ranging from respectably...

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Katherine Sabbath, cake recipe

Take a Stab at Recreating Katherine Sabbath's Gorgeous Persian Love Cake

By: Mila Pantovich   |   January 12, 2016
Lifestyle Editor | JustLuxe

Sydney-based Katherine Sabbath creates the most amazing looking desserts and the impressive part is that she is entirely self-taught (she was a high school teacher before turning to baking full-time). Her brightly-colored creations have exploded...

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The Rickey

NYC's The Rickey Makes New Year's Resolutions Easy With These 3 Healthy Craft Cocktails

By: Mila Pantovich   |   January 12, 2016
Lifestyle Editor | JustLuxe

We have all heard the phrase “new year, new you,” and as much as it drives some of us crazy, a new year is the perfect excuse to make a change. Sure, there’s never anything stopping you from doing that on a random Wednesday in...

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Manila Social Club, gold donut,  Golden Cristal Ube Donut

Meet Our New Food Obsession: The $100 Golden Cristal Ube Donut From NYC's Manila Social Club

By: Mila Pantovich   |   January 08, 2016
Lifestyle Editor | JustLuxe

Manila Social Club in Brooklyn has created a donut that would make Homer Simpson lose his mind. Priced at $100 each (that’s around $1,200 for a dozen), the blinged-out Golden Cristal Ube Donut is obviously covered in 24-karat gold flakes, but...

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Esquire Magazine - One of the Best New Restaurants of 2010! Food & Wine Magazine - One of the Best New Restaurants in America! Los Angeles Times - Three Stars!

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Craft Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA | Contemporary American

Tom Colicchio's Craft in New York City received the James Beard Award for Best New Restaurant nationwide in 2002, and five years later brought Craft across the country to join the other "top chefs" in Los Angeles. His new American dishes marry the finest

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Los Angeles, CA | French, American

Melisse is both a two Michelin Star Award winning restaurant and the recipient of Zagats highly coveted number one rated restaurant in Los Angeles since 2003. Situated in Santa Monica, Melisse inspires all of the senses with its chic ambiance, superb,

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