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Credible or Snobby? Is There Anything to Do About the 1855 Wine Classification?

By: Alexander Westgarth   |   August 28, 2015
CEO | Westgarth Wines

Many wine collectors, historians and oenophiles admit that the Bordeaux Wine Official Classification of 1855 has been under attack since…well, 1855. Driven by the ambitions of Emperor Napoleon III to champion and showcase fine French...

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wine, wine terms

Wine for Beginners: Perfect These Terms and Taste Like a Pro!

By: Mila Pantovich   |   August 26, 2015
Lifestyle Editor | JustLuxe

Learning the language of wine may be much more complicated than one may think. While some tasting phrases may be self-explanatory, like dry or fresh, others sound so bizarre that it’s hard to even make a guess as to what they mean. Of course,...

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Kolabrautin: rabbit-filled ravioli with baby carrot and sea buc

From Smoked Puffin Breast to Whale Pepper Steak: 4 Must-Try Reykjavik Restaurants

By: Sean Hillen   |   August 25, 2015
Writer and editor | World Itineraries

While Reykjavik is renowned for its gorgeous landscapes and relaxing thermal baths, its diverse cuisine also makes for an excellent reason to visit. After checking out some of the best culinary experiences the city has to offer, we picked out...

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Mario Batali

If You Spot Celebrity Chef Mario Batali in His Summer Hideout, Introduce Yourself! Chef's Orders

By: Michael Patrick Shiels   |   August 25, 2015
Travel Writer, Radio and TV host | Michigan's Big Show Starring MPS

Award-winning celebrity chef Mario Batali is an entrepreneur of eating. In addition to managing restaurants around the world and creating giant “Eataly” markets in New York and Chicago, he’s an Italian culinary...

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The Aervana Wine Aerator Leaves Sediment in the Bottle Where it Belongs

By: Mila Pantovich   |   August 21, 2015
Lifestyle Editor | JustLuxe

Any wine connoisseur knows that one cannot just simply drink wine right after popping the cork; you have to let it breathe—unless you have an aerator, that is. Dissatisfied with what he found on the market, Louis J. Christen III founded...

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aphrodisiacs, oysters, chocolate, honey, ambergris, spanish fly

Aphrodisiacs 101: Whale Poop Might Make You Randy But Almost Certain Death Might Not Be Worth It

By: Mila Pantovich   |   August 20, 2015
Lifestyle Editor | JustLuxe

Everyone knows that chocolate and oysters are supposed to spark romantic passion, but whether or not they actually do anything is tough to say. Oftentimes, the aphrodisiac-like qualities have little to do with the chemical makeup of the food itself,...

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Luxe Gourmets

The Luxury 2015 "Cuisine Scene" "Fishful Thinking"

By: Luxe Gourmets   |   August 19, 2015
The Art of Eating | LuxeGourmets.com

"Jus de chaussettes" ...In France, this used to be the slang phrase for American drip coffee, (it literally means "sock juice"). But when Seattle ushered in the gourmet coffee boom in the 1990s, creating a universal...

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Danforth Inn, Tempo Dulu, portland, maine

Tempo Dulu Brings Sophisticated New York Standards to Portland's Gourmet Asian Cuisine Scene

By: Jared Paul Stern   |   August 17, 2015
Writer, JustLuxe | Editor | UrbanDaddy's DRIVEN

The restaurant scene in Portland, Maine is one of the hottest in the country, with an incredible number of eateries per capita and an economy that encourages young chefs to be entrepreneurs. While no one could say the cuisine in the seaside city is...

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Revel Custom Wine Cellars

Join Us for a Peek Inside the $100k "Holy Grail" of Wine Cellars Tucked Away in Memphis

By: Michael Patrick Shiels   |   August 14, 2015
Travel Writer, Radio and TV host | Michigan's Big Show Starring MPS

The Holy Grail is the most legendary chalice in history—long sought-after by knights and scholars—and now the “Holy Grail” of wine cellars has been located, and it is in Memphis, Tennessee. The birthplace of the...

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bellagio, lago, Chef Julian Serrano

Michelin-Starred Chef Julian Serrano Explains His Cicchetti Concept for Lago at the Bellagio

By: Susan Kime   |   August 12, 2015
Staff Journalist/Luxury Lifestyle Expert | JustLuxe

Julian Serrano is a James Beard award-winning, Michelin-starred chef known not only in Las Vegas, but worldwide. His Picasso restaurant in the Bellagio has received the AAA Five Diamond Award 13 times and now his Lago establishment (which opened in...

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Barton G., Lobster Truffle Mac & Cheese

Nothing Goes to Waste in This Lobster Truffle Mac & Cheese Recipe, Including the Shell!

By: Mila Pantovich   |   August 10, 2015
Lifestyle Editor | JustLuxe

To celebrate their one-year anniversary, Barton G. LA cracked open their menu and shared the secrets behind one of their most popular dishes, the Lobster Truffle Mac & Cheese. If you haven’t been by this Los Angeles restaurant yet...

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Royal Salute, whisky, Tribute of Honour

Royal Salute Offers Epic $33K Tribute to Honour Whisky Tasting Event in London

By: Mila Pantovich   |   August 07, 2015
Lifestyle Editor | JustLuxe

Some whiskies are so coveted and so rare that they get entire events orchestrated around a mere tasting. On November 14, such an occasion from Royal Salute in London is taking place where the crowned guest is the Tribute to Honour. If you consider...

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