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April 2012

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Electrolux is Turning Up the Heat Outdoors

Apr 30, 2012  |   Contributor: Carly Zinderman

Your backyard, whether it big or small, holds many possibilities for its use — relaxing, hosting parties, gardening and more. The Outdoor Kitchen from Electrolux helps you combine all of these functions so you can utilize and enjoy it even more.... Read More

Tetra Shed Creates Geometric Solution For Additional Home Space

Apr 27, 2012  |   Contributor: Carly Zinderman

Initially designed as a solution to the growing number of home offices, Innovation Imperative's Tetra Shed is actually a multifunctional space maker. Challenging the notion that a home office is a converted room in a home, Tetra Shed is a modular system that offers a creative take on the cube-style home offices that have crept up recently.... Read More

San Francisco Architects Use Staircase Design in a Surprising Way

Apr 26, 2012  |   Contributor: Sara Cardoza

Susan Chastain, though a professor of architecture herself at California College of the Arts, surrendered her 1920’s, Marina-style home in Potrero Hill to the talents of Neal Schwartz and architects of the San Francisco Schwartz and Architecture firm. The project was a challenge for Schwartz, who had to work with the home’s many different levels. Schwartz's goal was to find a way to bring the space together while minimizing a sense of disconnection between rooms. In a quote from the San Francisco Chronicle about the 2008 renovation, Chastain said, “Staircases don't just exist to get you up and down."... Read More

Justin Timberlake Brings His Sexy Style to HomeMint

Apr 25, 2012  |   Contributor: Carly Zinderman

Justin Timberlake is one stylish dude, sporting leather jackets just as well as he wears a red carpet suit. But who knew that his interest in style had entered the home? Apparently it has, as Timberlake has become the latest celebrity to lend his fashionable eye to BeachMint with the upcoming HomeMint website.... Read More

Rotating Pods are Landing in Backyards All Over the World

Apr 18, 2012  |   Contributor: Carly Zinderman

Every spring homeowners start revamping their backyard or garden, adding a path here or a table there. This year, you can throw out your old, boring outdoor furniture and try something new by bringing in a rotating pod from Ornate Garden. These futuristic spaces provide luxurious outdoor living solutions for gardens around the world. One of their most creative and opulent offering happens to be a "rotating pod," perfect for enjoying your outdoor space any time of year.... Read More

Transform Your Swimming Pool into a Dance Floor With Hydrofloors

Apr 10, 2012  |   Contributor: Carly Zinderman

Are you building your dream house and trying to decide between an indoor or outdoor pool? Maybe you like to swim laps but your kids want to play; or perhaps you want an indoor pool but don't want to compromise the space in your home.... Read More

Ultra Modern Kitchen Design by Snaidero Wins Coveted Award

Apr 9, 2012  |   Contributor: Carly Zinderman

Snaidero design company is dedicated to creating kitchens using the best possible materials and crafting them to withstand the test of time. Once again, the efforts of the notable Italian company have paid off with the award winning Ola20 kitchen design. The "Good Design Award," established in Chicago in 1950, has become the most coveted and impressive international award for the design sector.... Read More

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