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The Best Natural Healing Ingredients on Earth

Dec 30, 2011  |   Contributor: Stefanie Payne

You have to give props to Mother Nature for creating a wealth of natural remedies that heal, beautify and protect our skin. An overview of the best natural healing agents found around the world.... Read More

Hollywood's Best Post-Baby Bodies

Dec 30, 2011  |   Contributor: JustLuxe Team

Everywhere you turn you can see baby bumps on the hottest A-list celebrities; but in Hollywood, getting back into shape post-baby is just as important as taking care of yourself during the pregnancy. Just three months following the birth of her son Flynn with Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr could be seen showing off her Victoria's Secret body in a bikini photo shoot, as reported by People magazine.... Read More

10 Tips for a Healthier Holiday Season

Dec 20, 2011  |   Contributor: The Daily Meal

Whether you survived Thanksgiving by graciously passing on that second serving of pumpkin pie or by throwing your napkin to the wind for a full-out caloric splurge, you’re still in the trenches of holiday parties and festive meals. Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa (and all of the traditional foods that accompany them) are right around the corner, but a few thoughtful adjustments can go a long way in making your favorite dishes and holiday preparations more health conscious.... Read More

Bloom.com | A New Social Network and Online Beauty Store in One

Dec 19, 2011  |   Contributor: Kellie K. Speed

Women are always in search of the best beauty products but can sometimes wind up with a pricey item that does not deliver the results they anticipated. Bloom.com helps to relieve the stress of finding the right beauty products while offering a chance to communicate with others on the site.... Read More

Eating by Omission

Dec 17, 2011  |   Contributor: Kelley Gaske

Remember back in the 1990s when we had the no-fat, low-fat craze? The general public suddenly became wary — fearful, even — of eating anything that contained fat. Labels started popping up on our favorite foods that said things like now with less fat and zero grams of fat per serving. A war had been waged against one of the three major macromolecules and this was one war that the fat molecule was not going to win.... Read More

Celebrity Makeup and Beauty Product Essentials | The Stars' Top Picks

Dec 14, 2011  |   Contributor: JustLuxe Team

We all wonder how the A-listers always look so perfect — no blemishes, no wrinkles, and not a hair out of place. Marie Claire dug deep inside the makeup bags and investigated the beauty regimens of our favorite celebrities to see just how they appear so flawless time after time.... Read More

Slim Man | Thornton Winery's Michel Demma

Dec 13, 2011  |   Contributor: Linda Kissam

Sitting in front of me is Michel Demma a trim 31 year old Temecula man with a big smile, an amazing spirit, and an inspiring story. Looking at him now would never lead me to believe he was ever anything but slim, energetic, and a leader in his field. But two years ago it was a different story. Think 400 pounds, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, depression, heart issues, eight pills a day, and a life being driven by food addiction.... Read More

The Literary World of Beauty

Dec 12, 2011  |   Contributor: Jason Campbell

We turn our focus to five extremely relevant books from some of beauty and fashion’s top influencers. Highly informative, inspirational and perfectly timed for holiday gift shopping, our selections represent some of the most evolved and aspirational lifestyle books on the market. These titles are sure to please anyone who appreciates the aesthetics, fantasy and insider’s perspective on the multi-faceted world of beauty and fashion.... Read More

Eden Sassoon on Health, Family and Hosting Holiday Shop for a Cause

Dec 9, 2011  |   Contributor: Slavica Monczka

The dynasty shall continue, as daughter of the iconic Vidal Sassoon, Eden Sassoon, is eager to “take the torch from my parents,” she boldly states. Already a successful business owner herself, in the process of starting yet another venture, and a single mother of two, Eden clearly acquired the “success” gene from her accomplished father.... Read More

Celebrity Weight Loss | Jennifer Hudson, Kirstie Alley, Jonah Hill & More

Dec 8, 2011  |   Contributor: JustLuxe Team

It's no secret that there's a lot of pressure in Hollywood to be thin. Between movies, photoshoots and red carpets, appearance is pretty much everything. Many A-list celebrities have decided to make a choice to lose the weight and get healthy; not just to please Hollywood, but for themselves.... Read More

Nicole by OPI's Kardashian Kolor | Nail Polish Shades for the Holidays

Dec 7, 2011  |   Contributor: JustLuxe Team

Just when you thought the Kardashian family couldn't put their name on one more product, here comes Kardashian Kolor from Nicole by OPI. There are 14 new shades out just in time for the holiday season. Each nail lacquer is inspired by one of the Kardashian's or Jenner's and has its own personality, just like the six individual ladies.... Read More

DKNY Million Dollar Golden Delicious Fragrance Bottle

Dec 6, 2011  |   Contributor: JustLuxe Team

Supermodel Chanel Iman was on hand yesterday at DKNY's New York City storefront to introduce us to DKNY’s Golden Delicious Million Dollar Fragrance Bottle. Celebrity jewelry designer Martin Katz designed the bottle that contains 2,909 rare jewels with over 2,700 brilliant white diamonds, 183 yellow sapphires and one 2.43 yellow canary diamonds, according to AllVoices.com.... Read More

Celebrity Hair Styles | Stars Go From Long to Short

Dec 6, 2011  |   Contributor: JustLuxe Team

Katy Perry, Michelle Williams, Kiera Knightley, Rihanna, Emma Watson and more have all left their long locks behind for shorter, funkier, or perhaps more sophisticated styles. Whether it's for a role, to be taken more seriously as an artist, or just for fun, these starlets have shown no fear when it comes to chopping it all off...and they show no signs of coming back to the long side either.... Read More

Actress Sues FHM India Over Nude Photos

Dec 5, 2011  |   Contributor: JustLuxe Team

Veena Malik, a Pakistani actress and model, is far from thrilled with the way her FHM India photoshoot turned out, suing the publication for $2 million in damages and demanding they remove all the copies from the newsstands, reports BBC News. Malik's laywer Ayaz Bilawala is claiming that the actress was "cheated and duped" by the magazine and felt the photoshoot was "tampered" with.... Read More

Dancer Pose | "Natarajasana"

Dec 2, 2011  |   Contributor: Stefanie Payne

Looking for a yoga posture to improve your figure, concentration and balance all at the same time? Dancer’s Pose has variations for all skill levels, and all skill levels can lengthen and strengthen leg, hip and back muscles, while improving breath support and making more limber your shoulder and forearm muscles. Oh, and it’s fun!... Read More

Beauty Secrets | Superfoods Turned At-Home Spa Treatments

Dec 1, 2011  |   Contributor: Jet Rhys

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but it's also lurking in the grocery aisle. Put these supermarket superstars at the top of your shopping list and use our innovative tricks to sneak more of them into your diet and your natural beauty routine.... Read More

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