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August 2012

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Lose Weight the Daniel Craig Way

Aug 31, 2012  |   Contributor: Jessy Troy

... Read More

Keeping Thin While Eating Out

Aug 31, 2012  |   Contributor: Nathalie Moreno

Social gatherings with family and friends often seem to revolve around eating out at restaurants. While these occasions are a great way to create bonds and network with others, eating out at a restaurant can wreak havoc... Read More

Flowers Can Never Fail as a Corporate Gift for Any Event

Aug 30, 2012  |   Contributor: Dan Kelly

Don’t ever underestimate the value of sending flowers to express your feelings as they really are one of the nicest things you can receive. There can be many reasons why you feel the need to thank a friend or member of the family and flowers... Read More

Rejuvenate Your Legs with RejuvaHealth

Aug 30, 2012  |   Contributor: Kellie K. Speed

Healthy living starts from within. We have all heard the saying, “If you aren’t healthy on the inside, you won’t look healthy on the outside.” If you are on your feet for endless hours each day, it’s important to b... Read More

Get Natural with PureCeuticals Skincare

Aug 30, 2012  |   Contributor: Kellie K. Speed

Finding the right skincare products can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. We suggest starting off by finding a line that is... Read More

Give Your Back a Break with GelPro Plush Mats

Aug 30, 2012  |   Contributor: Kellie K. Speed

After a long day at the office, quite possibly the last thing you want to do is spend more laboring hours in front of a stove when you get home. While we can’t send you a personal chef, we can suggest a way to make at-home cooking not onl... Read More

New Fall Collection at Famous Footwear Includes Boots by Carlos Santana

Aug 30, 2012  |   Contributor: Kellie K. Speed

It’s almost September, which can only mean one thing for families – back to school! The return to school means homework, bus rides, test and midterms but not everything about school has to be such a drag. One of the best t... Read More

Secret Room Events Gifting Suites 2012 MTV Movie Awards Style Lounge

Aug 30, 2012  |   Contributor: Victoria Coleman

Secret Room Events 2012 MTV Movie Awards Gifting Suites- Supporting the Stymie Canine Cancer Foundation Secret Room Events and The Stymie Canine Cancer Foundation welcomed a roomful of cel... Read More

5 Things to Know About Paella

Aug 30, 2012  |   Contributor: Aimee Byrd

If you want a taste of traditional Spanish cuisine, it’s hard to find a better pick than paella. It’s a savory dish that is synonymous with Spanish culture, as well as tradition. Even though it may be a tradition of Spain, authentic pa... Read More

Education And Fitness, Jump Rope Advice

Aug 30, 2012  |   Contributor: Bms Religion

Why is it worth it to mention education and fitness in the same breathe? The answer is very simple, without properly educating one’s self, it would be almost impossible to get into the proper shape. Where does this education com... Read More

Future Home Appliances to Look Forward To!

Aug 30, 2012  |   Contributor: Danny Duric

Whenever a new home appliance gets releasedto the public, people often think that nothing could ever top it off! For example, people from the past were satisfied with a black and white box as their television until the colored television wa... Read More

Things to Consider When Buying New or Old Real Estate Properties

Aug 30, 2012  |   Contributor: Kushal Tomar

The biggest investment that you can add to your list of assets is probably the house. For a first time homeowner, you have to realize just how much is the difference between a new home and an existing home for sale in the market today. The real... Read More

Things To Focus On While Buying Cheap Tyres

Aug 30, 2012  |   Contributor: Kushal Tomar

Buying good tyres for your car can be quite a difficult task. Most of the time, this depends on the type of car that you drive. Different types of tyres are suitable for different cars depending on size and segments. Luxury cars have different tyr... Read More

Decorating your bathroom

Aug 30, 2012  |   Contributor: jonah pace

Introduction:- It is every person dream to have a spacious house. With large space available in your home you can use various ideas to decorate your home and make it look very attractive. Bathroom is a ve... Read More

Car Rental: The Best Way To Travel

Aug 30, 2012  |   Contributor: Anna Cleanthous

The autohuur Alicante/ leihwagen Malaga services are very much in demands now days as they help in going to different places in short span of t... Read More

Car Hire Services And Their Need In Everyday Life

Aug 30, 2012  |   Contributor: Anna Cleanthous

Car hire services are becoming very popular as there are so many purposes for which they can be used. You can hire them as per the need at any time of the day or night as they are available round the clock. In a new place they help a lot; you can... Read More

The Benefits Of Having A Water Feature

Aug 30, 2012  |   Contributor: Victor Daily

Enhanced landscaping is well known to improve a property's value. Having water features probably is the best way to improve the appearance of your home, making it stand out among the other houses in the neighborhood. A waterfall in your back ... Read More

The World's Top 10 Most Expensive 4x4s

Aug 29, 2012  |   Contributor: Steve Beatty

The four-wheel-drive (4x4) market has been the most amazing revolution over the past ten years. Once a market for farmers and those who enjoy a high driving position, now the 4x4 is driven by everyone... Read More

European Wednesdays

Aug 29, 2012  |   Contributor: Eric Sanchez

Eric Virgil presents European Wednesdays at Veranda 130 7th Avenue Corner of 10th Street  New York, NY 100... Read More

World's Most Expensive Limousines

Aug 29, 2012  |   Contributor: Steve Beatty

Ever wondered what the world's most expensive limousines were?... Read More

SEO In High Demand For Luxury Australian Brands

Aug 29, 2012  |   Contributor: John Vlasakakis

SEO or otherwise known as search engine optimisation has become an increasingly popular online medium for designer and luxury brands looking to rank on the front page of Google which is the prime online real estate for terms such as handbags, cosm... Read More

poems and more for your ease and squeezes

Aug 28, 2012  |   Contributor: Itz Frankie Enuh

Secrets is a Blog that looks at love, life and relationships in poems and prose... Read More

Humane Society Teams Up with Kitty Cats to Help Scratch Out Bullying

Aug 28, 2012  |   Contributor: Aimee Byrd

The Montgomery County Humane Society and dreamBIG Press, publisher of the new Kitty Cats book series, are partnering in an effort to raise awareness about bullying in the community. The move comes just as kids around the country are heading back t... Read More

Be bronzed and beautiful with Beaubronz self tan

Aug 28, 2012  |   Contributor: Sarah Atkinson

At present self  tanning is probably more popular than it ever has been, and it is not hard to see why. A tan can instantly make any individual look brighter and fresher; it gives a healthy glow and a revitalisation that cannot be matched by... Read More

Where Can You Easily Buy Moroccan Oil

Aug 28, 2012  |   Contributor: Kushal Tomar

Moroccan oil is extracted from Argan trees which are found in the desert like climate of Morocco. Due to the same reason, it is also known as Argan oil. Moroccan oil has various different benefits for your skin as well as hair. Moroccan oil is th... Read More

Why choose modular lighting cake, modular ceiling lights?

Aug 28, 2012  |   Contributor: jonah pace

Every one want to have beautiful rooms filled with lovely modular lighting cake, modular ceiling lights, table lamps and why do all seek the best? It is just because in these... Read More


Aug 28, 2012  |   Contributor: janette gabriel

Eat and party like the Brazilians w/out having to get on the plane...SOB's (Brazilian inspired cuisine) not only has a fun and attentive staff, they also have live bands to get the energy going.. On Sundays SOB's has a fixed priced brunc... Read More

Mandy Moore, Jamie King & Eva Amurri Toast Clos du Bois Rouge at Chateau Marmont

Aug 28, 2012  |   Contributor: Karin E. Baker

The Bar Marmont at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood was the glamorous setting for a Moulin Rouge-themed party on Wednesday evening. Hosted by ... Read More

Upcoming Hot Rod Drag Week Schedule

Aug 28, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

It’s that time of year again when people with modified (for speed, of course) cars take to tracks in Tulsa, Ennis and Gilliam for some serious racing competition. Continue reading the article for all the information, especially if you hap... Read More

The Drive to Frog Follies

Aug 28, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Though the event is named after a frog race, the real star of the Evansville Frog Follies is the amazing pre-1949 hot rods that are shown off there each year.   Noel Clemmer has been driving street rods to Evansv... Read More

New CD Players for Cars from Pioneer

Aug 28, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

I have always felt that, as far as audio technology is concerned, the people who invest in car stereos are a bit more on the car audio-fanatic side of things, which is odd considering that is the location where we most often listen to music. Up... Read More

Safety Making Things More Dangerous

Aug 28, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Although my title seems misleading, I assure you it is not. Due to the latest technologies added to autos, first responders are having a much more difficult and dangerous time trying to save those who have been in a collision. However, what&rsq... Read More

New Car Technology Hits the Road

Aug 28, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Ann Arbor, Michigan, has seen a deployment of vehicles that communicate with each other, which should improve driving safety tremendously… At least as long as they don’t become self-aware and deem human beings as a nemesis. ... Read More

An Important Note about Car Safety

Aug 27, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

If your car has seen any safety technology implemented in the last few decades (i.e. your car was built after around 1985), there is one important thing you should do and it’s stated bluntly by the title of this article: Car Safety: ... Read More

Nissan and BMW Being More Competitive with US Automakers

Aug 27, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Both Nissan and BMW are coming up with some rather interesting methods that should benefit both them and consumers. These moves are being used to compete directly with US automakers in the hopes of grabbing even larger market shares.  ... Read More

Results of New-Vehicle Quality Study

Aug 27, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Check out which companies are coming out on top of their categories for the best cars based on the number of complaints about new cars. Honestly, I’m a little surprised at some of these results, though pleasantly.   ... Read More

Read All the Gossip!

Aug 27, 2012  |   Contributor: Markus Reynolds

Mmmmm, I like how this site takes all the juicy tidbits that I care most about (yet have literally no impact on the rest of my life whatsoever) and puts it all in one ‘roundup’ for me to digest quickly and without stomach cramps.... Read More

Cooper and Cohen on Vacation Together

Aug 27, 2012  |   Contributor: Markus Reynolds

After going through what was likely a rough breakup, Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen are instagramming (is that even a word yet? Make it so!) pictures of each other and it looks like they’re having a blast.   ... Read More

Did Timberlake and Biel Get Married?

Aug 27, 2012  |   Contributor: Markus Reynolds

So the newest rumor coming through the mill is that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel got married. Well, if that is true, I can only hope that their children gets a real mix of their talent and looks because that would have some gorgeous and g... Read More

Halle Berry Still Attempting to Move to France

Aug 27, 2012  |   Contributor: Markus Reynolds

Due to much more strict paparazzi laws in France, Halle Berry is trying to move there but keeps getting road-blocked by her ex. Even more interesting, though, is that she’s 47 years old and still looks utterly amazing.  ... Read More

Megan Fox Gets (almost) Naked

Aug 27, 2012  |   Contributor: Markus Reynolds

Well, I think I might be able to die a happy man now. Megan Fox whittles away her clothes for a bra shot in the trailer for the upcoming film This is 40. I really liked Knocked Up and hope this upcoming movie delivers the sa... Read More

Add Curb Appeal to your Home

Aug 27, 2012  |   Contributor: Richard Soto

A beautiful Las Colinas home is always enhanced with beautiful curb appeal. Curb appeal is not just one thing; instead, it is a number of things that work together to frame your home so that it... Read More

Get accurate result and peace of mind with the help of radiological examination

Aug 27, 2012  |   Contributor: Aliya Johnson

Development of technology offer wide array of advantages in medical sector. Nowadays, various means and methods are available with the use of which doctors examine patient problems very easily and quickly. Radiological examination is one of the be... Read More

How Wine Enthusiast Decides on 100 Best Wine Restaurants

Aug 26, 2012  |   Contributor: Steve Mirsky

Lists are big…now more than ever…”The top 10 reasons why your dog hates you”…”5 best places to retire & not go broke”…”15 signs that it’s time to quit your job”….the ... Read More

DADDY YANKEE Performing Live Saturday Sept 8th @ DRAGONFLY NJ

Aug 26, 2012  |   Contributor: Eric Sanchez

NJ & Nyc's Top Promoters Unite To Bring You DADDY YANKEE Performing Live Saturday Sept 8th@DRAGONFLY NJ (200 OutWater Lane, Carlstadt NJ) Music By DjEnuff, C-lo, Abrupt, S... Read More


Aug 26, 2012  |   Contributor: janette gabriel

Simply Fondue is a very intimate restaurant, dim lighting, with isolated seating. The purpose of the setting is for you to be focused on whomever your date is for the night. The style of Simply Fondue is unique in the sense that you make your own ... Read More

Education And Fitness, Jump Rope Advice

Aug 26, 2012  |   Contributor: Bms Religion

Why is it worth it to mention education and fitness in the same breathe? The answer is very simple, without properly educating one’s self, it would be almost impossible to get into the proper shape. Where does this education com... Read More

5 Financial Matters You Should Shop Around For

Aug 25, 2012  |   Contributor: Svet Roe

Settling for the first deal you come across can be detrimental to your wallet. Consumers have the ability to shop for the best deal to meet their needs. If you take the time to compare prepaid credit cards, you will probably find one that costs less and offers you more benefits.... Read More

Health And Fitness Community Fitness Articles

Aug 25, 2012  |   Contributor: Bms Religion

BMSreligion is an online health & fitness community where you... Read More

Typing Articles From Home is Fun

Aug 24, 2012  |   Contributor: Hatem Karam Attia

Typing Articles From Home is Fun I have tried long time ago to find a work that I can do from home and increase my income. After searching the internet for some time I found that Type At Home.com is the best company to work with. T... Read More

Modern trends seen in 2012 for Bathrooms

Aug 24, 2012  |   Contributor: anny stephans

In recent years the emphasis for anyone looking to remodel their bathroom has been on decluttering with less of everything ornate, frilly, and superficial. This year that trend has continued and if you were looking for one word to sum up any desig... Read More

Jennifer Aniston's Purported Wedding Causing Too Much Buzz

Aug 24, 2012  |   Contributor: Markus Reynolds

This clever and well-written article over at the Houston Press discusses the ridiculous extent to which tabloid and celebrity magazines have pushed the possible wedding between Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux.   ... Read More

Crazy Backlash against Oprah for Supporting LGBT Community

Aug 24, 2012  |   Contributor: Markus Reynolds

Fifteen years after the fact, Oprah talks about the devastating slurs thrown her way after appearing on the coming out episode of Ellen DeGeneres’ once popular television sitcom. It’s pretty unbelievable nowadays, but things were pr... Read More

Taylor Swift Attends Wedding Though Unwanted

Aug 24, 2012  |   Contributor: Markus Reynolds

I am not sure why anyone would stay at an event they are not wanted at, especially a wedding. Is this a case of severe obliviousness or yet another rendition of celebrity egos going too far?   Country singer Taylor S... Read More

LCD Instrument Panels Are Going to be in Your Next Car

Aug 24, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Although I can see how some people might not trust the technology behind LCD displays being used in their upcoming automobiles, I welcome the change with gusto. Mostly because it will make me feel like I’m in a spaceship and prove that I&... Read More

Can Earnhardt Jr. Win With Backup Car?

Aug 24, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a favorite among many NASCAR fans (and racing aficionados in general), but after he crashed his winning car, making it unable to race, can he take his backup car to victory lane or will he be left in the dust? &... Read More

New Volkswagen Golf Upgrades

Aug 24, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

The Golf has proven itself to be a pretty amazing little car, especially considering it has a relatively small price tag. However, the newest version is looking to improve upon this Volkswagen model in quite a few ways.   ... Read More

California Wants Cars without Drivers

Aug 24, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Due to the immense popularity and safety record of the self-driving cars that Google has now been using for some time, California is quickly becoming a market that the auto industry should set its eyes on to release driverless cars and profit i... Read More

Top Gear Recapitulation

Aug 24, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

The insanely popular Top Gear always has some really interesting things going on. Follow the link after the brief intro to find out more about what’s happening on Top Gear and see for yourself why you should be watching this sho... Read More

August Shows Another Increase in Car Sales

Aug 24, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Like last month, August has shown yet another increase in the sale of new cars, which can only mean one thing based on high-school economics: With more demand comes more supply - car prices are sure to plummet! Or not.   ... Read More

What Car Thieves are Targeting

Aug 24, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

A report has pinpointed the types of cars that are most often stolen in Washington (state) and this article offers up some tips for those of you who might own one of these models.   Well, their tastes haven&rsquo... Read More

Cars Talking to Each Other

Aug 24, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Although I was hoping that this article would be about those cars that act like the ones in the Claymation Chevron commercials, this is still a really cool prospect that can hopefully lead to me being able to drive home from a nice dinner and n... Read More

Hit and Run?s Awesome Cars

Aug 24, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Check out this interview with Dax Shepard where he discusses the amazing cars and chase scenes from the film Hit and Run. Reading this makes me even more excited to see the movie.   Dax Shepard grew up ... Read More

Electric Cars Can Spike the Electrical Grid

Aug 24, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

We have all heard the benefits of owning and commuting with an electric vehicle; from saving money on gas to not polluting the environment, the benefits are quite numerous. However, there might be a big problem for everyone if electri... Read More

Watch Out for These Eight Ingredients

Aug 24, 2012  |   Contributor: Markus Reynolds

There are certain ingredients that come in all sorts of foods that people really shouldn’t be consuming. They’re dangerous to our health and can cause some really serious health risks, especially when consumed in large quantities as... Read More

Microsoft Releases New Logo

Aug 24, 2012  |   Contributor: Markus Reynolds

Remarkably similar to its old logo, Microsoft has declared its new logo is representational of its move towards new markets while maintaining that the company is still familiar and customers shouldn’t be wary to try out their new products... Read More

Samsung and Apple Both Guilty!

Aug 24, 2012  |   Contributor: Markus Reynolds

In a bizarre twist that couldn’t have happened at a better time (since Apple is suing Samsung over patents in the United States), a court in South Korea has found that both companies are guilty of infringing upon each other... Read More

Naked Prince Harry Getting Published

Aug 24, 2012  |   Contributor: Markus Reynolds

Against the wishes of the British royal family (obviously), the British newspaper The Sun has published the notorious naked pictures of Prince Harry, taken in a hotel room while in Las Vegas.   The Sun has become... Read More

Lance Armstrong Likely to Have Titles Stripped by USADA

Aug 24, 2012  |   Contributor: Markus Reynolds

It is really hard to see someone like Lance Armstrong be forced into this situation, especially considering all of the charitable work he has done over the years. Whether he’s found guilty doesn’t really matter at this point, though... Read More

Lana Del Rey and Jaguar - A Perfect Fit?

Aug 24, 2012  |   Contributor: Markus Reynolds

Rather than comment on the fact that Lana Del Rey is teaming up with Jaguar for release of the car company’s new F-Type, I’d just like to ask, “Who wears that much jewelry into a pool?! Seriously?!”  ... Read More

A Detailed Overview of Ground Penetrating Radar

Aug 24, 2012  |   Contributor: Kushal Tomar

The basic function of a ground penetrating radar is let you see underground. However, you do not actually have to be there in order to do so. A ground penetrating radar is a high tech device. This device uses very high frequency radar sound waves... Read More

Rebounding from a Breakup: Why Men Do it Best -- and How Women Can Learn

Aug 23, 2012  |   Contributor: Brenda Panin

One doesn’t have to have a Y chromosome to survive a breakup well, but men do tend to rebound better than women. It’s not because they don’t care. According to Professor of Sociology Robin Simon, of Florida State University, men... Read More

Take Esbit's Grill-in-A-Box along for the Ride

Aug 23, 2012  |   Contributor: Kellie K. Speed

Everyone loves eating outside once the warmer weather starts but sometimes it can be difficult if you are traveling and don’t want to eat out at a restaurant every meal. It’s almost virtually impossible to drag along a full-size gri... Read More

Relax and Unwind with Altadis USA's A. Turrent Triple Play Cigars

Aug 22, 2012  |   Contributor: Kellie K. Speed

It’s almost fall, which means it’s full-on stogie time. Who are we kidding? It doesn’t matter the time of year for a good cigar but we are going to let you in on one of our favorites, the A. Turrent Triple Play. T... Read More

RedCarpetEventsLA Celebrated the 14th Annual Teen Choice Awards with Celebrity Gift Suite

Aug 21, 2012  |   Contributor: Ashley Jackson

... Read More

The easiest way of finding a place to stay while on a holiday or business trip

Aug 21, 2012  |   Contributor: Maya Edberg

Broadbeach offers some of the best accommodation facilities in the Australian coastal city of Gold Coast. There are many beautiful and luxurious hotels, resort apartments and holiday villas where you can stay while on holiday or a business trip in... Read More

Information and Use of Discount Cabinets And Cheap Kitchen Cabinets

Aug 21, 2012  |   Contributor: Kevin Sanchez

Cheap kitchen cabinets and discount kitchen cabinets have changed the way the kitchen looks by wonderfully beautifying it and have proved to be beneficial for people who wish to lead a simple lifestyle, without much unnecessary and excessive s... Read More

Photoshopping Christina Aguilera

Aug 21, 2012  |   Contributor: Markus Reynolds

*GASP* You mean sometimes we, those who are parts of targeted demographics, aren’t presented our celebrities as is and their images are altered to match a more aesthetic ideal? I’m shocked I tell you! Astounded! Seriously, though, I... Read More

Robert Downey Jr. Not a Superhero

Aug 21, 2012  |   Contributor: Markus Reynolds

Opposed to everything I truly believed to be true, apparently Robert Downey Jr. isn’t really a hero, but really just a normal guy. Although I think this injury makes him seem more human to me, I’m still going to weep in a corner for... Read More

Shia LaBeouf Gives Studios the Finger

Aug 21, 2012  |   Contributor: Markus Reynolds

Completely shunning the studios and industry that gave him his fame to begin with, Shia LaBeouf would rather work on independent films that big-budget blockbusters.   "Transformers" star Shia LaBeouf is... Read More

Driver Tracking Hits Roadblock

Aug 21, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Although tracking drivers has saved the insured some money since its implementation, California is starting to more closely monitor the practice and will likely begin to get in the way of such activities.   Calif... Read More

Kia Sees Mercedes as a Rival

Aug 21, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

In an interesting move, the people at Kia have determined that they want to produce a car to directly compete with current luxury brands. However, as luxury cars are a status symbol, who would want to drive a Kia in that light?  ... Read More

Mercedes-Benz Thinking of Dropping Out of F1

Aug 21, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Though there might be some mistranslations involved, it looks like there are a collection of reasons as to why Mercedes-Benz is looking to further itself from the F1 racing series.   An article making the roun... Read More

The ?Greatest Rolls Royce?

Aug 21, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Check out what many consider to be the “greatest Rolls-Royce” ever built, the 1912 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost.   ON its way to the Pebble Beach Concours d’Élégance as a participant i... Read More

Lotus: A Welcome Hand in The Pot

Aug 21, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Utilizing similar technologies as the Lotus Evora, the Emerg-E has only become that much more of an attractive car to me. How about you?   When the Emerg-E popped onto the scene during the Geneva Auto Show, us au... Read More

Networking - The Key to Building a Recognized Brand

Aug 20, 2012  |   Contributor: Melissa Cameron

Advertising and promotion are simultaneously known as key players in the active growth of an online business. As well established tools to steer companies into the public eye, many affiliate business associates feel that both time and money are be... Read More

Unique and Decadent Desserts Found in Georgetown

Aug 20, 2012  |   Contributor: Aimee Byrd

Desserts may traditionally be the final course that someone enjoys during a meal, but for many it ranks first. Depending on the dessert that one chooses, it can be a memorable experience all on its own. Those looking for authentic cultural des... Read More

Understanding Osteopath

Aug 20, 2012  |   Contributor: Maya Edberg

Being healthy means that; all organs, muscles, bones and other components within your body are in good working condition. However when our bodies are not in the best of health a wide range of problems will be manifested and one of them is pain. Pa... Read More

Modern Cloth Nappies for Modern Mothers

Aug 20, 2012  |   Contributor: Maya Edberg

Different variations of the nappies for children have existed through centuries. These pieces of clothing have been used to cover children in order to prevent them from soiling themselves and have evolved over the years. Modern cloth nappies (MCN)... Read More

Nookie offers unique designs to match any taste

Aug 20, 2012  |   Contributor: Maya Edberg

Since 2003, Nookie designs have set the pace for fashionistas worldwide. Designed by Sydney's own Nikita Sernack, Nookiehas expanded beyond its home turf of Australia and is now on the racks of the most trend-setting boutiques in the United S... Read More

Top luxury features in cars in 2012

Aug 20, 2012  |   Contributor: Danny Duric

The use of luxury cars has increased in the last few years. Besides guaranteeing comfort, luxury cars also promise premium features that are not available in traditional cars. With premium content moving across the market at a faster rate, car mak... Read More

Each and Every Saturday Viva Saturdays at Ventanas

Aug 19, 2012  |   Contributor: Eric Sanchez

Each and Every Saturday Viva Saturdays at Ventanas          located 100 10th Avenue, New York, NY 10010 between 16th... Read More

Debt Help - Get out of Debt with these Quick Tips

Aug 18, 2012  |   Contributor: Tara Blair

If you have gotten yourself into debt, you may feel upset and overwhelmed. The bills are starting to pile up, and you do not know if you will be able to pay them off... Read More

Ideas To Use Number Plates For Gifting Purpose

Aug 18, 2012  |   Contributor: Neel Kamal

When it comes to finding a gift for close friends and loved ones, we usually get short of ideas and eventually settle down for traditional and safe gifts. Not many peopl... Read More

Cats and Kids Scratch Out Bullying ? What to Teach Kids About Bullying

Aug 16, 2012  |   Contributor: Aimee Byrd

Over the next few weeks, roughly 79 million students will head back to schools around the nation, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. When the school year resumes, so too will the perpetual cycle of students missing days of school because the... Read More

Everyone free at Feel Good Fridays at Inc Lounge

Aug 16, 2012  |   Contributor: Eric Sanchez

Eric Virgil presents Feel Good Fridays at Inc Lounge Located at 224 West 49th Street, between 8th and Broadway on the 2nd Floor of the Time Hotel. ... Read More

Enhance your appearance with colored contact lenses

Aug 16, 2012  |   Contributor: Aliya Johnson

Someone has been said, a person's eyes are the door to their heart. Different sides of your personality can be easily seen in your eyes. You can go from soft and subtle to wild and mysterious, your eyes can easily show off this. Even though y... Read More

How To Get Unbiased College Reviews

Aug 16, 2012  |   Contributor: Jessica Bellafonte

It’s no secret that online reviews are sometimes paid reviews. For this reason, it’s hard to tell the truth from the lies, even on respected sites like the Better Business Bureau or Consumer Reports. When it comes to onli... Read More

Examples of Colleges That Have Taken The Unaccredited Route

Aug 16, 2012  |   Contributor: Jessica Bellafonte

Countless advice has been furnished about the risks of getting educated at an unaccredited college. Does an unaccredited college mean the school has no interest in the student’s education? Absolutely not. If that were the case, they&... Read More

Breyer State University Reviews

Aug 16, 2012  |   Contributor: Jessica Bellafonte

For most online colleges, students will find it in their best interest to enroll, only when they’re able to master the art of self-discipline. This is the case with most online colleges, where in-person supervision is very minimal. ... Read More

How Robert Pattinson Got to Cosmopolis

Aug 16, 2012  |   Contributor: Markus Reynolds

He has had quite an interesting journey on his road to playing in the upcoming movie Cosmopolis; see how he got this role and what has pushed Robert Pattinson’s career along.   Oh, Robert Pattinso... Read More

High-Class Car Show in Pebble Beach

Aug 16, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Want to go to one of the coolest car shows in existence? Head over to the annual Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and check out some seriously impressive rides.   This exclusive, exclusionist town (populati... Read More

Asbestos Found in Chinese-Manufactured Cars

Aug 16, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Asbestos, which is illegal in Australia, was found in quite a few cars produced by a Chinese auto manufacturer. Although the company is attempting to remedy the situation, this seems like a massive oversight on the part of the company.... Read More

The 25 Billion Dollar Auto Bailout

Aug 16, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Although there has been much news lately stating that the United States auto industry is booming, the price tag from the auto industry bailout that kept them from ruin is reaching $25 billion dollars and may even continue rising. &nb... Read More

U.S. Autos Selling Well

Aug 16, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

We continue to see reports that the auto industry is having a great year and that can only mean that the disposable income of Americans is getting to a better state than what has been reported on over the last few years.   ... Read More

Car Shows Around Puget Sound

Aug 16, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

There are a significant number of car shows happening soon in Pugent Sound and catching them all might be a difficult task. But, for us car lovers, this is a magical time for us to go out and see some of the coolest cars around. &nbs... Read More

Glo to Sleep Easier with GLO Changing Nightlight

Aug 15, 2012  |   Contributor: Kellie K. Speed

There are monsters under the bed and in the closet! Not really. At least that’s what we used to believe when we were kids. Now that we are older (and ahem, more mature), we can still get a little spooked, especially after a g... Read More

How to Ensure a Long Life for Your Airplane

Aug 15, 2012  |   Contributor: Frank Lane

Owning and operating a personal airplane is an extraordinary experience. There is nothing quite like soaring through the skies and getting a bird’s eye view of the world below you. It is exhilarating, breathtaking, and downright addicting. A... Read More

Easy but essential home improvements that will impress the other half

Aug 15, 2012  |   Contributor: karl young

It is not always easy getting motivated into home improvement, especially when the weather outside is either one of two extremes.  There are always little things that need doing around your home to bring it up to scratch. You will probably e... Read More

How to Install Vanity Lighting in a Bathroom ?

Aug 14, 2012  |   Contributor: Patrick Jane

Having a vanity light is an ideal way to enhance the overall ambience of your bathroom. But the great news is that you yourself can install these lights just like you would install a ceiling light fixture and save fortune that you may spend heavil... Read More

5 Back-to-School Time-Saving Tips

Aug 14, 2012  |   Contributor: Aimee Byrd

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 79 million students will be heading back to school this fall. With the relaxing, and often even boring, summer break officially coming to a c... Read More

5 Key Elements in Creating a Killer Home Office

Aug 14, 2012  |   Contributor: Melissa Cameron

If you are considering a transition into working from home, then you are joining the increasing number of people making a wise choice. It really doesn’t even matter if you are a budding entrepreneur, or you have convinced your boss to allow ... Read More

It's time to Gogo Crazy at Six Flags New England

Aug 14, 2012  |   Contributor: Kellie K. Speed

Kids have been in on the Gogo's Crazybones fad for a while but now Six Flags is getting in on the fun. Six Flags is weighing in on the action by offering a $10 discount... Read More

A touch of luxury for your home

Aug 14, 2012  |   Contributor: Maya_Savanovich

Decorating a home to exude an atmosphere of luxury and style can be difficult, especially on a tight budget. Fortunately, good interior design does not necessitate purchasing that entire catalog of set items, as seen in your favourite glossy maga... Read More

Luxury golden bars vending machines

Aug 14, 2012  |   Contributor: Maya_Savanovich

Among the recent and most appreciated technologies is the use of luxury golden bars vending machines. These machines simply dispense Gold bars and golden coins. The emergence of this technology was catalyzed by the increased need among investors ... Read More

Good Karma Spreads: Kim's Charity Birthday Celebration Supporting Food For the Poor

Aug 13, 2012  |   Contributor: Ailyn Diaz

Kimberly Shenker-Bacardi believes in karma's action to reaction creating a circle of friends in a charity group that started on the social network, Facebook. The open group called Kim's Good Karma unites members of all c... Read More

Olympic Shot Putter Loses Medal

Aug 13, 2012  |   Contributor: Markus Reynolds

The Olympic gold medal winner for women’s shot putting, Nadzeya Ostapchuk of Belarus, was stripped of her medal as she was found to be doping. Interesting that they would find someone in a strength-based sport to be using drugs that, well... Read More

Sprint Cup Results

Aug 13, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

After an exciting race at Watkins Glen International for the Sprint Cup race, Marcos Ambrose won, but not without some serious competition. Read all about it in this article:   Marcos Ambrose passed Brad Keselows... Read More

High Risk Luxury Cars

Aug 13, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

According to the FBI, every four seconds there is a car theft in the United States. Of those stolen, this list shows us which luxury car models are the most li... Read More

Caught on Tape: Luxury Car Thefts

Aug 13, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

After getting caught on tape stealing two luxury vehicles (from two different locations, no less), the suspect is still on the large in Austin, Texas. He&rsquo... Read More

Auto Industry Adding Jobs

Aug 13, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

After the automotive industry had some of the roughest years in history, the outlook for their production and, more importantly, job creation is increasing, wh... Read More

Recalling Police Cruisers and Floor Mats

Aug 13, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has had a relatively slow week as far as safety recalls have been concerned, and this article seems to show the extent of that. GM is recalling police cruisers and ... Read More

Jazz at the Bistro - St. Louis - Fine Dining

Aug 13, 2012  |   Contributor: Michael Pearse

Jazz at the Bistro offers up a downright cool place in St. Louis that has patrons tapping their toes, snapping their fingers and humming in deligh... Read More

Wednesdays at XVI at XVI Rooftop Lounge withDJ Perry and Scottie Cortorreal

Aug 13, 2012  |   Contributor: Eric Sanchez

Wednesdays at XVI at XVI Rooftop Lounge withDJ Perry and Scottie Cortorreal XVI located on 251 West 48th Street and 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10036 Ladies free all night. Guys free til 1... Read More

From oil rigs to luxury floating hotels

Aug 13, 2012  |   Contributor: Maya_Savanovich

It seems that even though there are many abandoned oil rigs out there, they will not just be sunk in the ocean or something similar, because there is a far greater plan that someone has with them. Blowing these rigs up would also not be an opti... Read More

Cocktails and Celebrities

Aug 13, 2012  |   Contributor: Mark Alyn

Grill on the Alley   Reviewed by Mark Alyn   Finding a place for dinner that everyone you know will enjoy, without complaining about the food is difficult. One person doesn’t like meat, another... Read More

Gourmet Burgers Their Way!

Aug 13, 2012  |   Contributor: Mark Alyn

Umamiburger Reviewed by Mark Alyn   When you think of burgers, it doesn’t bring up visions of culinary delight. From companies that sell billions of burgers each day, to standard burgers tha... Read More

How to build a Wood Pergola ?

Aug 13, 2012  |   Contributor: Patrick Jane

We all like our garden to look good as well as being functional and one of the easiest ways of sprucing up your outdoor environment is by adding a bit of hard landscaping or creating a focal point, and a wood pergola is an ideal DIY project to tac... Read More

Underground Ceremonies

Aug 13, 2012  |   Contributor: David Gregory

The captivating interior of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine is a perfect setting for organising a training session, a ball, a press conference.  Now this unique UNESCO listed site is offering the opportunity to hold ... Read More

5 Reasons to Choose Grass-Fed Beef Burgers

Aug 13, 2012  |   Contributor: Aimee Byrd

There’s been a shift in this country when it comes to beef. Many people are seeking out grass-fed beef, because of all the benefits that it provides over grain-fed varieties. Grass-fed beef is popping up on store shelves, as well as in r... Read More

World's Antique Luxury Carpets and Rugs

Aug 13, 2012  |   Contributor: Maya_Savanovich

Carpets and rugs are meant to increase the sophistication and beauty of a place. They come in a variety of styles, fabrics and colors. Antique luxury carpets and rugs are designed to fit each decorating style and purpose. They provide homeowners a... Read More

Oil Paintings For Sale

Aug 13, 2012  |   Contributor: ART Oyster

Oil paintings for sale at 75% off with free shipping. Wholesale hand-painted oil paintings on canvas, oil painting reproductions of Van Gogh, Monet, landscapes, abstract paintings and more. For more info follow with link ... Read More

Cairns Holiday - A Perfect Getaway

Aug 13, 2012  |   Contributor: Melissa Davis

Introduction: Cairns is one of the most popular tourist destination spots in Australia. It is located on the awesome Great Barrier Reef and surrounded by the oldest rainforests of Australia. The exquisite palm- fringed beaches to the sou... Read More

A Few Interesting Costume Ideas

Aug 13, 2012  |   Contributor: Melissa Davis

Halloween is less than two months away and as usual, it is all about standing out from the rest of the crowd with your costume. If you have been wondering what to wear this year here are a few costume ideas that you might find quite interesting an... Read More

Find a Person if You Are Single or Divorced

Aug 13, 2012  |   Contributor: Anna Cleanthous

Internet dating is actually growing within recognition every single year. It's a medium that allows for individuals to easily discover as well as interacting other link minded individuals. Howeve... Read More

Vietnam Attracts the High End GLBT Traveler

Aug 12, 2012  |   Contributor: Ha Pham

Luxury Travel Ltd announces new bespoke holidays to upscale gays and lesbian travelers to Vietnam. It is the first travel company in the country offering tours for not only couples but also for upscale singles. “... Read More

See what's beautiful

Aug 12, 2012  |   Contributor: Jennifer Schmitt

Here’s what I love the most about the work I do: I get to be part of your stories. Years from now, when time has sanded away memories, as it does, you might invite your daughter or or your niece or maybe your grandchildren to open a ... Read More

Ser heroi não é para todos

Aug 12, 2012  |   Contributor: Maria Dulce Fernandes

What's the stuff that makes realheroes The real heroes have no blind poets to write about them, but they preform dees that are everyday miracles... Read More

Here's The Beef!

Aug 12, 2012  |   Contributor: Mark Alyn

Mastro’s Reviewed by Mark Alyn   Beef is once again “What’s For Dinner.” American’s have a love-hate relationship with beef, loving the taste, hating the health warnings that go along ... Read More

Le Beaver Club - Montreal Fine Dining

Aug 11, 2012  |   Contributor: Michael Pearse

Heralded by many as one of the best locations in Montreal to partake in French cuisine, Le Beaver Club offers its guests a high class dining experience that i... Read More

300,000 Miles for Self-Driving Google Cars

Aug 11, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Google shows the world that self-driving cars might be very viable within the next few years, and this prospect couldn’t be any more exciting as the idea of autonomous cars has been on many people’s minds for decades. &nb... Read More

New Battery Technology Might Make Electric Cars More Feasible

Aug 11, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

One of the primary issues that people have with electric cars is that they just don’t offer any kind of competitive (driving) range when compared to their gasoline-powered brethren. GM may have found the solution to that problem. ... Read More

Chinese Company Taking Over A123

Aug 11, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

The auto parts manufacturer Wanxiang is taking over A123, an electric car battery production company, and this takeover is further proof of the bad market for electric vehicles thus far.   A Chinese company'... Read More

100-Mile, One-Day Rally Race

Aug 11, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

For those that have not had the pleasure to watch a real rally race, this one should be a great one to follow. Much more interesting to watch than any other type of racing, plus the cars are all street legal!   A... Read More

Some Really Expensive Cars

Aug 11, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Five $5,000,000 or more cars are discussed in this article and, not surprisingly, they are all (except one) classic models from luxury brands and are all utterly gorgeous.   The real Olympics are ending, but the ... Read More

Top Earning Celebrity Couple - Beyonce and Jay-Z

Aug 11, 2012  |   Contributor: Markus Reynolds

Though a lot of celebrity couples have split up this year, there are still many who are thriving better than ever. For example, Jay-Z and Beyonce are still going strong and earning more than any other couple out there.   ... Read More

Brad and Angelina to Marry this Weekend?

Aug 11, 2012  |   Contributor: Markus Reynolds

Okay, this has been a long time in the making and those of us who follow celebrities have been patient. And, if B... Read More

Lisa Hoffman's Fragrance Necklaces Put a New Scent on Beauty

Aug 10, 2012  |   Contributor: Kellie K. Speed

Lisa Hoffman knows beauty does not always just have to look good but can smell amazing as well. How you ask? Instead of spritzing on your favorite perfume or body spray before running out the door, we are going to let you in on a... Read More

Get Beautiful and Be Well at LA's BeWell Expo September 29 and 30

Aug 10, 2012  |   Contributor: Kellie K. Speed

We all know feeling good starts from the inside and is reflected on the outside. How can you get started toward your goal of living a happier, healthier lifestyle? Begin by registering for the BeWell Expo, a two day beauty event being held Sept... Read More

Things To Remember While Buying Number Plates Online

Aug 10, 2012  |   Contributor: Neel Kamal

Customizing a car or a bike is as important as buying it these days. The first thing that people usually do after buying a vehicle is to take it to an accessory shop to g... Read More

Yes to Blueberries Introduces Sweet Smelling Deep Wrinkle Night Cream

Aug 10, 2012  |   Contributor: Kellie K. Speed

Ever wish you could turn back time? Are you now seeing some fine lines appear around your eyes? If you answered yes to either of these questions, it’s time to say Yes to Blueberries Deep Wrinkle Night Cream. Simply apply the ... Read More

Apple Looking to Compete More on iPhone Sales

Aug 10, 2012  |   Contributor: Markus Reynolds

Since so any stores offer better pricing on Apple iPhones, the company is going to start price matching to help maintain sales at the Apple Stores nationwide.   The company has begun telling retail employees that... Read More

Cameron Diaz?s Fitness Book

Aug 10, 2012  |   Contributor: Markus Reynolds

Cameron Diaz has been in the limelight for quite a few years now and her figure has remained a stunning aspect of this Hollywood actress’ allure. She’s now working on a book that will (hopefully) give out her secrets. &nb... Read More

2012 Audi Q7 TDI Review

Aug 10, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

So how well does the 2012 Audi Q7 TDI compare to the other vehicles in its class? Read the full review for all the details.   Audi has been continuously throwing their hat into the mix when it comes to luxury veh... Read More

Luxury and Economy - Both are Possible

Aug 10, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

While gas prices soar, finding a luxurious car that won’t use up as much fuel is becoming more and more of a priority. Lexus seems to have taken that idea to heart.   Why do the rich seem happier than the r... Read More

2013 Volkswagen Golf Review

Aug 10, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

This professional review from thecarconnection.com provides an unbiased look at the 2013 Volkswagen Golf and compares it to other hatchbacks in its class.   Volkswagen's Golf hatchback--along with its sporty... Read More

Hyundai Equus Proves Anyone Can Make a Luxury Car

Aug 10, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Believe it or not, the Hyundai Equus is on par with the big names in the luxury automobile industry. This offering from Hyundai just goes to show you that with a little love and attention, any company can put out a great quality vehicle. ... Read More

What Do Wealthy Americans Drive?

Aug 10, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Though luxury cars are obviously popular with the wealthy, brands like Toyota and Honda have models that are making the cut as well.   Using a list of the 10 most affluent communities based on ZIP codes and data ... Read More

This magic moment

Aug 9, 2012  |   Contributor: Jennifer Schmitt

You sort through your mail and find a beautifully addressed envelope. You notice it right away, of course, because a hand-addressed letter—especially one addressed in pretty calligraphy—is rare these da... Read More

Common Money Mistakes People Don't Notice

Aug 9, 2012  |   Contributor: Emily Morgan

We deal with monetary matters every day of our life, use various financial services and options, like credit cards, payday loans and check cashing tools. However, in most cases consumers make fina... Read More

Woodward Dream Cruise Hot Rods

Aug 9, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Pictures tell a thousand words, but they still don't do justice to the number of hours likely put in to these hot rods seen at the 2011 Woodward Dream Cruise. Whether or not they're your thing, these custom cars still win our hea... Read More

Chrysler Recovering from 2009 Debacle

Aug 9, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Chrysler Group LLC continued its turnaround from near death just three years ago, earning $436 million in the second quarter and confirming that it will show a full-year operating profit of at least $3 billion. ... Read More

Acura?s Upcoming Products

Aug 9, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Acura is in the middle of a major product changeover, reflecting plans to challenge second-tier luxury rivals Audi, Buick, Infiniti and Volvo rather than Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Lexus. Acura has launched the ILX compact sedan and redesigned... Read More

Nine Percent Increase in Car Sales for July

Aug 9, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

U.S. demand for light vehicles continued to defy mostly weak economic indicators by rising 9 percent in July. Big sales gains at Japan's and Europe's top automakers--Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Volkswagen--offset declines at Ford ... Read More

GM and Ford Sales Drop in July

Aug 9, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

While overall US. car sales appear to have jumped again in July, it wasn’t a good month for two of the Big Three Detroit automakers.  Japan’s top two manufacturers, on the other hand, saw the price paid by the typical buye... Read More

Upgrading Private Jets Due to Demand

Aug 9, 2012  |   Contributor: Mike Grant

As there has been a growth in the demand for private-chartered jets from New York to Rio, Honeywell will be adding a significant amount of power to their line of jets, allowing better range and efficiency for flights.   ... Read More

Poland Looking to Cut 2013 GDP Estimates

Aug 9, 2012  |   Contributor: Mike Grant

Now expecting a much slower growth than previously expected, Poland’s 2013 GDP is down to 2 to 2.5%, significantly lower than the current 2.9% estimate.   Poland's finance ministry will likely cut its ... Read More

Richard Meddings Uncut

Aug 9, 2012  |   Contributor: Mike Grant

Remarking on a situation where Standard Chartered allegedly hid $250 billion of Iran-tied transactions, Richard Medding apparently should have held his tongue rather than let this slip.   Standard Chartered Plc&a... Read More

My definition of luxury education service.

Aug 8, 2012  |   Contributor: Gaia Bmd

When I started as a Private Teacher 8 years ago, I perceived it as just one more way, how to get money, but luckily I had something unique in me that shifted my "do-for-just-money" into luxury lifestyle education business.If someon... Read More

Feeling like Robinson Crusoe ? Orsos Island

Aug 8, 2012  |   Contributor: luxury lifestyle

Thanks to the ship’s engineers, designers and specialists, it has been possible to find a perfect design and innovative compact form of relaxation, stability, with a sense of mainland living. The thoughtful ORSOS island facilitat... Read More

Celebrity Blogger, Felix Alvarez Meet & Greet for Charity Benefiting National Voices for Equality, Education & Enlightenment (NVEEE).

Aug 8, 2012  |   Contributor: Francis Mariela

Felix Alvarez, Celebrity Blogger from PrettierThanPerez.com to host a Meet & Greet for Charity at Club 50 inside the Viceroy Hotel, Friday August 10, 2012.  Miami, FL (July 28, 2012) - Celebrity Blogger, Felix Alvarez to host Meet... Read More

Know more about instant payday loans to solve your emergency financial crunches

Aug 8, 2012  |   Contributor: Aliya Johnson

There are numerous situations in life when you cannot do without money. It is not everything, but it means a lot when required. Can you even think of a day without a single penny to buy your meal? It seems very difficult to stay without money to m... Read More

Facing Foreclosure...Is Bankruptcy The Best Answer?

Aug 7, 2012  |   Contributor: Bill Chief

Foreclosure and bankruptcy are usually the last resort after a long financial struggle. Neither is an outcome that you probably envisioned when you bought your home.... Read More

3 Amazing Import Sports Cars to Watch for in 2013

Aug 7, 2012  |   Contributor: Bill Chief

This year's Geneva Auto Show featured many new designs that are sure to really rev your engine for 2013. With the return of new and improved models, and the release of completely new designs, 2013 promises to be an exciting year for sports ca... Read More

Samsung Defends Itself by Booting Devices

Aug 7, 2012  |   Contributor: Steven Bosch

Apple’s recent lawsuit against Samsung has left many wondering if Apple has a leg to stand on, and Samsung’s newest defense tactic might just be the best route possible.   One way Samsung hopes to sho... Read More

Video Game Industry Slipping in Sales

Aug 7, 2012  |   Contributor: Steven Bosch

Although the most profitable entertainment in industry is down in sales this year, they are still above Wall Street’s expectations.   Video game console makers Microsoft and Nintendo have reported earnings ... Read More

Best Buy Founder Looking to Save the Company

Aug 7, 2012  |   Contributor: Steven Bosch

Though he recently stepped down as the company’s chairman, one of Best Buy’s founders, Richard Schulze, is flirting with the idea of purchasing all outstanding shares and taking the company private.... Read More

Audi - Best Luxury Brand in 2012?

Aug 7, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

It looks like Audi is only going to continue to excel in the luxury automobile industry. Winning awards and grabbing attention seem to be their norm lately.   Audi was named the Highest Premium Brand for the Auto... Read More

We Might Soon Get to Nap While Commuting

Aug 7, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

A study titled Self-Driving Cars: The Next Revolution shows us that cars might very soon propel themselves down the road while we relax while traveling.   Over the past decade, a number of high-tech tools have ar... Read More

Wealthy Americans (Californians) Love the Prius

Aug 7, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Though the Toyota Prius is an affordable and economical car, wealthy Californians have proven that “saving the planet” far outweighs their need for speed or luxurious amenities.   What are the favorit... Read More

Car Prices Will Rise but Sell Less Volume

Aug 7, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

It looks like cheap, economical cars are going by the wayside as far as Sean McAlinden, executive vice president of research at the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor is concerned. What do you think?   C... Read More

BMW Losing Grip on Market

Aug 7, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

BMW’s hold on the U.S. Luxury auto market is slipping a little bit, but what can the company do to pull back some of its original marketshare?   BMW, posting its first year-over-year sales decline in more t... Read More

Understanding How Debt Can Change Your Life

Aug 7, 2012  |   Contributor: Tara Blair

While debt is something that most Australian’s are familiar with, it is sometimes difficult to understand what being in debt really means, unless you’ve personally faced that hardship. Gaining a true understanding of how debt c... Read More

From Coffee to Cartoons: New Creature Comforts Take Over Cars

Aug 7, 2012  |   Contributor: Jerry Lasley

From in car coffeemakers to coolers, wireless to built-in tables and chairs, cars are becoming more and more like rolling homes – or at least hotel rooms. Who Needs the Drive Through? So everyone knows Ita... Read More

FIAT vs. MINI: The Battle of the European Sports Cars

Aug 7, 2012  |   Contributor: Jerry Lasley

When car buyers enter a dealership like Reedman-Toll FIAT near Langhorne, PA, they often wonder why they should buy a FIAT instead of a MINI. Both cars offer compact, European ... Read More

Several Great Olympic Infographics

Aug 7, 2012  |   Contributor: Rob Toledo

With the Olypics in full swing these past two weeks, it has been great seeing creative teams in full motion visualizing all the data surrounding these years London games. Here are some of my favorites 1) ... Read More

Why Honda is the Best Choice for a New Grad

Aug 7, 2012  |   Contributor: Jerry Lasley

When you graduate from college—or even high school—chances are one thing at the top of your to-do list is to get a new set of wheels. Unless you are one of the lucky few who receives a new car as a gift, though, you are p... Read More

How to Select the Best New Honda for You

Aug 7, 2012  |   Contributor: Jerry Lasley

Honda offers an exciting line of cars to suit your needs. Determining the best car for you is a matter well worth investigating. If you are like most consumers, you want a car that will last as long as it can. Honda is a great way to go, they a... Read More

Five Features Your New Cadillac Should Have

Aug 7, 2012  |   Contributor: Jerry Lasley

Innovation and luxury ar... Read More

Convert to a Luxury Eco House

Aug 7, 2012  |   Contributor: James Mechan

Since the turn of the Millennium the trend of designer house interiors is to blend contemporary design with vintage furnishings. Given the tragic state of the current housing market in the UK, this trend may be applied to the exterior as well &nd... Read More

The 10 Most Unique and Useful Baby Shower Gifts

Aug 7, 2012  |   Contributor: Melissa Cameron

Here are some ideas for unique and useful baby shower gifts. All of them keep the goal of being keepsake gifts in mind. The new mom can use the gift now and pass it on to her child in the years to come.Gift 1 -- Disney Princess Necklac... Read More

Five celebrity treatment's to try

Aug 7, 2012  |   Contributor: Bella Franklin

Do you long for the locks of a pop star or the skin of an actress? Perhaps you want the radiance of a royal or the body of a model? If so, it’s time to revamp your beauty regime – dramatically. Here’s how to look an... Read More

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Vs. 599 GTO

Aug 6, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

So how well does the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta stack up against the 599 GTO? Read the full article for all the details.... Read More

30-Plus MPG Luxury Vehicles

Aug 6, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Luxury cars can be economical as well, you just have to know where to look. Check out this article to see which luxury cars get 30 or more MPG.   The terms “luxurious” and “economical&... Read More

A Barn Cleaning Leads to a ?63 ?Vette

Aug 6, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

After 33 years in storage, a 1963 Corvette has been found in restorable condition in a deceased man’s barn.   There is, of course, the usual three-decades coating of dust, and what looks like a fair bit of ... Read More

Aston Martin Continues to Wow with Upcoming Line

Aug 6, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Not surprisingly, Aston Martin is releasing an exceptional line of cars soon. Keep your eyes open for these amazing autos, especially the Vanquish model, this fall.   The automaker will continue to further its re... Read More

Audi?s TT RS Shows Off Racing Roots

Aug 6, 2012  |   Contributor: Octavio Rodriguez

Though Audi has moved somewhat away from its original racing beginnings, the TT RS shows the company still knows how to achieve some serious speed.   Audi's current racing activity has evolved a lo... Read More

Front Page Fridays at Rooftop 760

Aug 6, 2012  |   Contributor: Eric Virgil

Eric Virgil presentsFront Page Fridays at Rooftop 760Times Square's Indoor/Outdoor Rooftop VenueLocated at 760 8th Avenue between 46th and 47th StreetGuestlist Pricing:Ladies free til 12:30am, reduced... Read More

Bernie Wolfe, Former Pro Goalie, Focuses on Financial Saves

Aug 6, 2012  |   Contributor: Aimee Byrd

At one time, Bernie Wolfe’s job was to make saves for the Washington Capitals. As the team goalie for nearly five seasons, his job was to play the important team role of keeping the puck out of the net. Today, he assists people in making fin... Read More

Shop Something Different This Summer

Aug 6, 2012  |   Contributor: Post Writer

As we are now in the height of summer, not that you would know it in many places through looking at the weather, there are lots of adverts and marketing campaigns telling us what the latest trends are around the world and what we should be buying ... Read More

Breast Implant Options for Athletic Women

Aug 6, 2012  |   Contributor: christopher davidson

  ... Read More

Monster Audio Phones Provide Exceptional Music Transformation

Aug 5, 2012  |   Contributor: Kellie K. Speed

You’ve heard how audio phones can make a difference but have you really heard their powerful music transformation? If you haven’t yet, you are in for the surprise of your life with Monster’s new Inspiration headset. A... Read More

The benefits of Yoga

Aug 5, 2012  |   Contributor: Zillah Renee

When people think about yoga, they may think about the strength it gives, having to stretch like a gymnast or they may underestimate the excersize completely.  The truth is, there are many different forms of yoga and all of them have many hea... Read More

Ensure your radiology report at personal online second opinion radiologist site

Aug 4, 2012  |   Contributor: Aliya Johnson

Invention of high-end technology and tools enhance the medical field at a greater extend. Using these sophisticated techniques, medical professional can easily diagnose and treat various diseases. Imaging technology is basically used to diagnose d... Read More

7 of the World's Most Expensive Auctions

Aug 3, 2012  |   Contributor: Jen Le

There are always some amazing gems turning up on the books of the world’s auction houses, where some of the most elusive and prized items seek new homes. With prices frequently soaring into the many millions, you’d better turn up with... Read More

Top Tips for Planning an Outdoor Summer Party

Aug 3, 2012  |   Contributor: Jen Le

Summer is upon us, or so it’s meant to be. We haven’t been awarded the best weather yet, but hopefully it will be along shortly. This is the ideal time to host great summer parties for birthdays and anniversaries. Planning an o... Read More

Choosing the Right Car for Your Job

Aug 3, 2012  |   Contributor: Sabrina Bayer

There are many different types of job out there and pretty much all of them are essential to the economy and to society. Even the much maligned jobs such as street sweeping are very important to us as without them things could begin to get very mu... Read More

2013 Audi S8

Aug 3, 2012  |   Contributor: Sabrina Bayer

The CONCEPT of a high-revving auto like Lamborghini V-10 in a supreme executive sedan that still sounds quite ludicrous, but that’s just the formula Audi “advancement through technology” tracked to make the last S8. I... Read More

Five Things Every Entrepreneur Must Know about the JOBS Act

Aug 3, 2012  |   Contributor: Aimee Byrd

Recently, the bipartisan Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act became law, transforming how entrepreneurs can raise the money to grow their business. The JOBS Act expands the pool of potential investors, makes investing in small businesses ... Read More

Bespoke Luxury

Aug 3, 2012  |   Contributor: pinkybhardwaj

Consumers would utilize products/brands image to reflect themselves such as personality, or to express their tastes, wealth, social status and so forth which are observed by others. Similarly, luxury consumers usually purchase products and brand... Read More

$1 Million in Grants Up for Grabs for Schools and Businesses Seeking Fresh Healthy Vending Machines

Aug 2, 2012  |   Contributor: Aimee Byrd

Fresh Healthy Vending, who has given away over $100,000, is on a mission to replace junk food vending with healthy vending   Schools and businesses looking to... Read More

Mode City: Paris Lingerie and Swimwear Show 2013

Aug 2, 2012  |   Contributor: Pikke Allen

MODE CITY: Paris France   Hot Looks in Lingerie and Swimwear Trends for 2013: By Pikke Allen  Even though the weather was a bit cold in early July in Paris, the lingerie and swimwear trends for 2013 sizzled at MOD... Read More

Spot the Sun Sweepstakes from Paradise By Marriott 100 nights to Win!

Aug 2, 2012  |   Contributor: Chaz Bourgault

I recently found this sweepstake and I thought I would share it with the community. Paradise By Marriott is offering a sweepstake the prizes are 100 nights to win, max 5 nights per person. You will pick your hotel between 9 Marriott hotels located... Read More

Shrimp Burger Gives Burger Lovers New Options

Aug 1, 2012  |   Contributor: Aimee Byrd

We are clearly a nation who loves to eat burgers. Even so, many burger lovers tend to get bored with the options that exist, or may be looking for a healthier alternative. Now burger lovers have a new option available to them in "The Original... Read More

New Children's Book Launches August 1st, Takes on Bullying

Aug 1, 2012  |   Contributor: Aimee Byrd

 ... Read More

Link Building Service 2012

Aug 1, 2012  |   Contributor:

The Link Building Service should be acquired for those who have a web page of your possess and also you desire to get targeted traffic on the web pages. This is frequently a great way, if finished in the proper way, and can provide to boost the... Read More

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