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October 2014

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Your Car May Say More About You Than Your Outfit

Oct 29, 2014  |   Contributor: Nicki Shaw

Other than a watch, the only other investment made with a lot of time and effort that does not give returns on investment (at least not in terms of cash anyway) is your car-unless you are using it for business. And just like a watch, and perhaps more so given the sheer size of the thing, your car tells us more about you than you may ever get to say. There are a lot of decisions that people make about you based on the car you are driving, perhaps even more than what you are wearing.... Read More

Coastal Windows & Exteriors Makes Design Home Energy Efficient

Oct 9, 2014  |   Contributor: Kellie K. Speed  |  1 Comment

Boston Magazine has just finished its Design Home 2014 and we were thrilled to see Coastal Windows & Exteriors contributed t... Read More

How to Improve Your Skin Tone Naturally & Beautifully

Oct 6, 2014  |   Contributor: Victoria Girard  |  4 Comments

A beautifully even skin tone is greatly desired by millions of people worldwide.  It’s a sign of youthfulness due to the fact that as we age our skin can become mottled and develop age spots. So, how can you improve your skin to... Read More

Medieval Bridal Dress

Oct 6, 2014  |   Contributor: Chowdhury Shahiduzzaman  |  3 Comments

Many stylistic design marks of medieval wedding gowns have lately come back into style. Brides are searching for medieval wedding dresses to create themselves for a complete and stunning look. The medieval wedding gown has appealed to persons comp... Read More

Got a Spare $38,115,000? Bag Yourself a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

Oct 6, 2014  |   Contributor: Ishrat Batool  |  2 Comments

The record for the planet's most expensive car was broken for the second time in two years in August 2014, following the sale of a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta for $38,115,000 USD. The sale price, achieved by the famous Bonham&apos... Read More

Bryan DeFlores Brings Art to Earth from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Oct 6, 2014  |   Contributor: Carly Zinderman  |  2 Comments

From living a relaxed California lifestyle at the beach to finding his inner artist, Bryan DeFlores creates masterful art works that represent an otherworldly creative power.   With a story behind each series, Bryan creates pi... Read More

Travis: A Soldier's Story Takes an Inspirational Look inside the Life of Travis Mills

Oct 6, 2014  |   Contributor: Kellie K. Speed  |  1 Comment

Strength, perseverance, courage, determination and inspiration. These are just a few characteristics I quickly learned from my phone interview of United States Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills of the 82nd Airborne, a quadruple amputee, who... Read More

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