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February 2019

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Innovative Strategies For Senior Wellness: An Interview With Personal Trainer Randy Bengtsson

Feb 9, 2019  |   Contributor: Susan Kime

According to recent trends data from the Global Wellness Institute, October 2018, the strategies of fitness and wellness are changing, driven by new technologies and demographic change. These dimensions are also being modified by many personal tra... Read More

The Plum Guide: A New Way Of Choosing An Elite Vacation Residence

Feb 5, 2019  |   Contributor: Susan Kime

Since the luxury short term rental companies were launched, there have been stories of success as well as failure. Some say their vacations and the residences they rented, saved relationships, and families. They had the perfect residences where ga... Read More

Glamping In A Spacious and Luxurious Barn in Three Rivers, CA

Feb 2, 2019  |   Contributor: Jarone Ashkenazi

When looking to travel and ‘rough it’ in the outdoors, not all want to pitch a tent and start a fire from dry brush and a flint. Thanks to rise of glamping, glamorous camping, people across the country are connecting with nature withou... Read More

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