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October 2019

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The Antarctica Chronicles, Part 1

Oct 18, 2019  |   Contributor: Susan Kime

The colors of Antarctica are not ones of humanity: no green trees, red, pink, or yellow flowers. The only colors seen on our journey was the color of orange and green lichen on ancient rocks, an algae/fungus combination that have survived the impe... Read More

The Renaissance of Mykonos and Delos

Oct 14, 2019  |   Contributor: Jill Weinlein

Mykonos is known for its stunning whitewashed Cycladic architecture, historic windmills, narrow cobblestone passageways, and lively nightlife. In 1930 this Greek island became a destination for the intellectual elite. When Aristolte Onassis a... Read More

F1 Singapore Grand Prix, A Thrillfest of Checkered Flags and High-Octane Soirees

Oct 8, 2019  |   Contributor: Glenn Harris

For those who have never been, Formula One Grand Prix is one of the world’s most thrilling sporting events. Formula One is where the highest echelon athletes command the highest-performance vehicles backed by billions of dollars in high tech... Read More

Fiesta with los Muertos in San Antonio

Oct 4, 2019  |   Contributor: Djani Schafer

It’s #SpookySZN and if you’re looking for a way to add some flavor (spice, even?) to your usual pumpkin carving and scary movie marathon, may we suggest flipping your focus from Halloween to Día de los Muertos? And then m... Read More

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