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Tribord's Easybreath Snorkeling Mask Eliminates Mouthpiece; Makes Shallow Diving So Much Better

May 30, 2014  |   Contributor: Donald Herrera-Fairbairn

With traditional snorkeling equipment, many users experienced difficulties that made swimming through and exploring shallow waters unpleasant if not completely impossible. In an attempt to address the difficulties associated with attempting to bre... Read More

Carbon Fiber Leaos Urban E-Bike Brings Italian Craftsmanship to the Street

May 23, 2014  |   Contributor: JustLuxe Team

Another luxury e-bike has hit the streets and this one is handmade in Italy. The carbon fiber urban bike from Leaos comes in white or black and features an integrated 11.6Ah Li-ion battery that can be removed for in-home charging. With automatic shifting coming standard and a self-supporting unisex frame, the bicycle's wiring (and chain) is hidden within the frame so you never see any of the inner workings.... Read More

History-Changing Maps Lead Important Books, Manuscripts & Works Auction in London

May 17, 2014  |   Contributor: JustLuxe Team

Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions is catering to those obsessed with books with their Important Books sale on May 19. Taking place in their London saleroom, they are gearing up to auction off a slew of super rare tomes that you'll probably need to keep in a glass case, like a Cosmographia map of Britain from 1490 and an illuminate manuscript Book of Hours. ... Read More

Celebrate Cool Italian Style & Build a Custom Bike With Scatto Italiano

May 15, 2014  |   Contributor: Mila Pantovich

Italians are known for their seductively smooth style and full-of-life mentality; they always seem to be walking around in a bubble of perpetual coolness. It only makes sense that they would create beautiful luxury bicycles, but Scatto Italiano goes past that and creates handcrafted bikes that you customize through their site — choosing everything from the color and the saddle to the handlebar and controls.... Read More

8 Stylish Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas for All Types

May 9, 2014  |   Contributor: Lena Katz

The 48-hour countdown to Mother’s Day has started. Tick, tick, tock. If you haven’t done your gifting though, there are many (mostly) quick online-enabled gifts that’ll show your mom that you love her and that you know how to shop for her — she doesn't need to know that it was a bit last minute. Here’s our gifting tip sheet for mothers of all personality types!... Read More

Rare 17th Century Transitional Hanging From Ming/Qing Dynasty Leads Upcoming Chinese Ceramics & Asian Works of Art Auction

May 9, 2014  |   Contributor: JustLuxe Team

Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions is gearing up for their Chinese Ceramics and Asian Works of Art event this month on May 17 in their London saleroom. The event will feature an expansive collection of Tibetan art and Asian textiles, with the star of the show being a very rare 17th century transitional hanging from the Ming/Qing dynasty. ... Read More

7 Sexy Polo Players We Wouldn't Mind Sharing a Horse With

May 2, 2014  |   Contributor: Mila Pantovich

We love the excitement of a good polo match, but having a dashing gentleman riding the horse just takes the game to new heights. And for whatever reason, most of the distractingly attractive ones come from Argentina — which is making some of us think we should relocate. Trust us on this, once you start looking for sexy horsemen, your productivity level just plummets, so maybe wait until you're home to check the following seven guys out in more detail. ... Read More

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