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August 2011

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St. Kilda Jewelry | International Spirit in Brooklyn

Aug 24, 2011  |   Contributor: Jason Campbell

St. Kilda Jewelry is a testament to the eclectic background and cultured life of proprietor Nora Kogan. Raised in a home where "the art of collecting" was both a value and a form of self-expression, Kogan’s aesthetic attitude is that of a keen-eyed world-traveler who understands the value of surprise.... Read More

Bullet Inspired Jewerly Benefits Charity

Aug 18, 2011  |   Contributor: Katherine Bond

I like a little hardware in my wardrobe - zippers, steel necklaces, bolts fashioned into rings - a few industrial items always give a provocative edge to an outfit. But bullets, actual bullets, is another level of accessorizing, and they seem to be shooting onto the fashion scene. I found two companies making bullets the foundation of their design, and more impressively, both give back to heartstring-tugging charities.... Read More

Fine English Company White Gold & Diamond Skull Cufflinks

Aug 11, 2011  |   Contributor: Jared Paul Stern

The Fine English Company, dedicated to the best in bespoke British luxury, has unveiled the newest addition to its collection of luxe furniture, luggage and lifestyle accessories reminiscent of Britain's colonial past with a contemporary flair.... Read More

Choosing Your Diamond: The Princess Cut

Aug 9, 2011  |   Contributor: Fashion Geek

Here's a royal dilemma: you love the fire of a traditional round diamond, but you want something a little different and a little more modern than a classic emerald or radiant cut. ... Read More

Emerging Fashion Designer Prive Offers Bracelets That Go Beyond the Wrist

Aug 8, 2011  |   Contributor: Deidre Woollard

Think bracelets just have to be around your wrist? Beautiful young Russian sisters Sonia and Katia Gaydamak have launched a line of unique and decadent fine jewelry, Prive Jewellery, which includes a hand bracelet collection. Instead of encircling your wrist, the hand bracelet is worn at palm level. The entire collection is inspired by the elegance of yesteryear — Cartier circa 1940, the Maharaja's jewelry and famed designer JAR — but the pieces have a modern purpose because these days, with everyone on their smart phones, our hands are in motion more than ever. ... Read More

Luxury Watch Auction to Benefit Charity Set for Monaco in September

Aug 2, 2011  |   Contributor: Jared Paul Stern

On September 23, the Principality of Monaco will stage the fourth annual edition of the world-famous Only Watch charity auction under the patronage of Prince Albert. Forty one-of-a-kind ... Read More

Jaeger LeCouture Air New Zealand 70 Sunreef Power Sea Bass
Jaeger LeCouture Air New Zealand 70 Sunreef Power Sea Bass