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Luxury is in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to the luxury lifestyle, we like to think that we know a thing or two.

Luxury Cars
Luxury Cars

Motorcars of Las Vegas

Motorcars of Las Vegas is the exclusive dealer in North America for the worlds fastest production car, the SSC Ultimate Aero.

Located only minutes from the Las Vegas strip and McCarran International Airport. We specialize in exotic, highline and luxury automobiles. Our boutique style and no pressure approach has proven to be our client's favorite way to purchase a vehicle.

Our competitive consignment program has been a winner with both sellers and buyers alike.

Our vehicles are displayed at our indoor showroom at the new Park Place retail center on South Eastern Avenue near I-215. Please stop by to see David Luce or Tom Brazill or call 702-914-9918. Or visit our web site at

Luxury Cars

Ice Rims

Rapper Da Brat partners with wheel manufacture Yokebir to unleash award winning iced out rims.

Yokebir's 9-24 Shock & Awe Series captured first place in the 2006 NOPI National Car Show. Each Ice Rim is packed with over 4200 Kts. Exclusively in size 23" fits all GM six lug wheel bases. 1 Year Manufactures Warranty.

"Be passionate about your riding experience, make Yokebir Rims your wheel of choice." Visit or Toll Free: 877-ICE-RIM1 (423-7461)

DVD of Yokebir Ice Rims $19.95 includes shipping and handling. Enjoy the sites and sounds of car shows, featuring Ludacris, appearances by Da Brat, Field Mob, The Sugar Hill Gangs Derrick "D", Special video of "Check My Footwork" by Mr. Bigg Time, DJ Rip, Ridin Dirty Car show, 2006 NOPI National Highlights, and of course MODELS!.

Luxury Cars

Forgiato Designs

With so many wheel manufacturers today, it is important that a company has a quality product and-most importantly-produces a product that stands out from the competition. Based in southern California, Forgiato ("forged" in Italian) has been in the wheel industry since 1993, and in that time has definitely set themselves apart from the rest. Using their experience in the jewelry industry, the two founding brothers, have been able to create styles and finishes never before seen in the wheel industry.

Their novel approach and eye for both detail and quality ensure that the finished Forgiato product is unparalleled. Each wheel is created in-house at the Forgiato facility using American alloys. The 37-man team uses the latest technologies and advancements in aluminum forging and CNC computerized mills, drills, and lathe to achieve a product that is strong and beautiful.

Fittingly, buying Forgiato wheels for your car can be likened to buying a beautiful piece of jewelry. The Celik brothers understand the impact a beautiful accessory can make-be it a necklace on a beautiful woman or a set of glistening Forgiato wheels on a black Ferrari.

Luxury Cars

Extreme Car Share


Members gain access to these coveted automobiles for five days each month, including Friday, Saturday and Sunday, on a rotating basis.

Imagine 520 horses under the hood as you take the wheel of a Lamborghini Gallardo for five days one month. The next month five days in the supremely comfortable ride of a Rolls-Royce Phantom and the following month rocket around in a Ferrari F430 for five days. Every car is ready to go, freshly detailed with a full tank of gas. Service, maintenance, storage and care are all included with membership.

A car share club for those who truly appreciate exotic and ultra-luxury automobiles, without the distractions of ownership.

One Word: Simplicity.

Choosing a car club is a significant decision. Not all car clubs are created equal. We believe our advantage is simplicity.
Some club programs are confusing offering a number of membership levels as well as utilizing a "point" system with a range of autos that categorize the vehicles into tiers and factor mileage and the day(s) of the week,
month(s) and number of days its members choose to drive to grant or restrict access.
The Extreme Car Share program is very easy to comprehend, and designed to get its members behind the wheel of high caliber cars for as long as possible at the lowest possible cost. We don't believe in mileage restrictions either: after all, long distance driving is one of the truest pleasures to be had behind the wheel. It is also important to note that for every car in the collection, only 4 memberships are available.
Extreme Car Share utilizes a set pre-determined schedule for the contract term (1 Year). Once a member has agreed on a specific time (5) consecutive days of drive time, allocated accordingly: 1st Fri, Sat, Sun of the month, 2nd Fri, Sat, Sun of the month, 3rd or 4th based on availability; Extreme Car Share will reserve that specific time in the month and assign it to the member every month for a year. Because members' drive dates are scheduled for the entire term in advance, there are never any scheduling issues. Every member knows exactly which days in the month are theirs.
Members may voluntarily trade drive dates amongst one another for scheduling flexibility.

Vehicle Guarantee

If Extreme Car Share is unable to deliver a vehicle for a scheduled drive date for any cause within its reasonable control, Extreme Car Share will return your monthly payment for that date and also credit you an additional $2,195.00 (i.e., the following month's drive date shall be without charge). It is Extreme Car Share's utmost priority to fulfill all scheduled drive dates.

To learn more about this extraordinary opportunity, we invite you to visit our website. Learn about different membership options. Take a tour of the Extreme Car Collection. And find the answers to just about any question you might have about Extreme Car Share.

Except, understandably, where to drive first.

Luxury Cars

The Bondurant School

Dubbed the Fastest 60 Acres in America, first time visitors to The Bondurant School are generally not prepared for the size, scope and energy of The Bondurant School. One look and you see that Bondurant is committed to professional driving instruction. The size and scope of the Bondurant training facility is beyond comparison. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, adjacent to Firebird International Raceway, The Bondurant School is a multi-million dollar racing enterprise. The Bondurant School is the world's finest driving school featuring a 15 turn, 1.6 mile road course, specifically designed by Bob Bondurant for high performance, race driving and advanced driving instruction. The course consists of a variety of corners and elevation changes that will challenge both novices and professionals alike. Bondurant utilizes Firebird Raceway's three other tracks for selected advanced road racing and corporate group programs. In addition, an 8-acre asphalt pad is used for advanced driver training with exercises on the Throttle Steer Circle, Handling Oval, Accident Avoidance Simulator, Slalom Course, Autocross and Skid Pad. The Bondurant fleet consists of over 200 cars, including open wheel, formula style cars. All vehicles are specially prepared for the Bondurant School.

Luxury Cars


Platinum Motors, LLC is a factory authorized Lamborghini dealer selling all exotic and high-line automobiles. Our exceptional service department specializes in Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Platinum Motors, LLC?s beautiful 20,000 square foot facility boasts an accessories showroom with granite countertops; an automobile showroom with Italian tile flooring and floor to ceiling courtyard wall mural; a spotless service department with trained and experienced technicians, a customer service oriented finance department and a very comfortable client lounge with all the amenities. All of this, plus Platinum Motors, LLCs General Manager having over 20 years of experience in the exotic automobile industry, makes Platinum Motors, LLC the perfect place to make all of your automotive purchasing in confidence, comfort and privacy.

Luxury Cars

Annual New Hope Automobile Show

The 52nd annual New Hope Automobile Show will take place on August 8 and 9 from 9 am to 4 pm at New Hope-Solebury High School, New Hope, PA. Show benefits the New Hope-Solebury H S through student scholarships. More than 400 classic and antique cars and motorcycles will be on display with an entirely different roster of cars each day. Advance tickets $5 per person. Tickets at gate are $7 for the general public, $5 for seniors, and free for children under 12 years of age accompanied by a parent. A special invitation to service members and their families to enjoy the show free of charge. Contact Deborah Lang / Steve Williams, 215-862-5665 or for more details.

Luxury Cars


The Hummer family began with the H1. A truck designed to be the most off-road capable vehicle on the planet. The H1 was built around one central philosophy. Function. And it instantly became the most functional off-road vehicle ever made available to the civilian market With the H2, HUMMER made a more approachable vehicle without off-road sacrifice. In a world where SUVS have begun to look like their owners, complete with love handles and mushy seats, the H2 proves that there is still one out there that can drop and give you 20. And with a more spacious, comfortable interior and a host of standard features, the H2 strike a perfect balance between interior comfort, on-road capability and off-road capability. And now, with the advent of the H3, we issue an invitation for even more people to finally be able to experience the freedom and excitement of HUMMER ownership with an all new truck that lives up to its heritage in every way. Proof positive that even if you?re a HUMMER good things really can come in small packages. Of course, if you are a smaller package, and also a HUMMER, it?s imperative that the ties to your illustrious family line be present in much more than an outward aesthetic. To belong to the HUMMER family, you?d better be able to live up to the off-road reputation that family has made famous. We are proud to say the H3 is that truck. Smaller. Lighter. HUMMER.

Luxury Cars

SVC Range Rover SSE

Special Vehicle Concepts is the premier outfitter of Range Rovers in the United states. Our performance, cosmetic and aerodynamic packages will definately put a smile on your face, this is quite common when dealing with SVC. We know you want a special vehicle, so we do our utmost to give you what you want. Our range rovers are featured in our gallery on our website, please take a look. Looking forward to helping your dreams come a reality call SVC today at 949-722-7100. The price of $135,000 is one particular vehicle, we can build to any spec.

Luxury Cars


An American Exotic that outperforms the Ferrari ENzo for under $100,000. The GTMulsanne is unlike any other Supercar in the world combining head-turning good looks with jaw-dropping performance all while being reasonably priced.

Alan Autosports builds custom versions of Factory Five's GTM - the GTMulsanne in six different editions, or custom create your own. Engineered for performance, with a light aluminum chassis and cockpit, racing suspension & brakes, aerodynamic composite body with a potent power train. GM LS2 Engine are used yielding 400-1000 HP. In a car that weighs only 2350 lbs. , this means a power to weight ratio yielding a sub 3 sec. 0-60 time and less than 11 sec. 1/4 mile time! Mounted to a GETRAG (G-50) 6 speed, high performance, limited slip transaxle. Race track performance 500 HP engine; 0-60: 3 sec, 0-100: 6.6 sec, 0-150: 15.2 sec, 1/4 mile: 11sec @ 132 mph, braking: 60-0 in 98 ft, top speed 200+mph, lateral accel: 1.06 G, down force: 332 lbs @ 150mph. Six editions: Arnage, Platinum, Onyx, Sport, Le Mans, and Le Mans Race.

Luxury Cars

Vyrus Motorcyles/ Spacebikes, Superbikes for orders/ sales

Vyrus models available on order basis , check out small sample of the models, attached images, exceptional bikes with high Maximum speed.
Like a Ford of the Car World, an exception in its class.
For full brochure or more information please contact immediately.
the bike is made to your requirements, fit to size.
call for price.
International deliveries available to your door
Website is Currently Being Updated

Luxury Cars

MotorCars Intl.

With more than 50 years combined automotive experience, Motorcars International is on the razor's edge, daily exceeding the standard they set over 25 years ago in providing the highest quality, handpicked cars based on the respective needs of the individual customer. Not only are the cars handpicked, but the Motorcars staff is handpicked as well. Each member of the Motorcars team is a true auto enthusiast and shares in the passion for fine motoring. Welcome to Motorcars International! you're going to love the ride!

Luxury Cars


Cadillac & Innovation Cadillac continuously sets new and higher standards for luxury. Compare it against the best the world has to offer and we think you'll agree. The innovators at Cadillac invest research, time and skill into what becomes one fine family of vehicles. And here's where you can find out more about all that goes into the design of a Cadillac. Technology Thanks to the unique innovations in technology that go into its construction, Cadillac towers over the automotive world. Select TECHNOLOGY from the presentation above to learn more about the innovations that enable these advanced vehicles. Performance All members of the Cadillac family are masterfully engineered, sumptuously equipped and endowed with exceptional performance. Select PERFORMANCE from the presentation above to learn more about the innovations that power the world's most exciting automobiles. Style Relentless passion combined with trend-setting innovations in design has marked Cadillac as an industry leader for over 100 years. Select STYLE from the presentation above to learn more about the innovations that contribute to Cadillac's distinctive looks and cutting-edge design. Craftsmanship Cadillac craftsmanship is created from a melange of thoughtfulness and industry advancements that deliver a truly extraordinary driving experience. Select CRAFTSMANSHIP from the presentation above to learn more about the innovations that make Cadillac's legendary quality possible.

Luxury Cars

Saleen Inc.

Saleen Inc., celebrating its twentieth second anniversary as a specialty vehicle manufacturer, specializes in the manufacture of vehicles for enthusiasts that include technology developed from the Saleen/Allen Speedlab race team, eight-time winners of sports car racing manufacturer championships. Saleen creates high performance vehicles for street and track, including the S7 supercar, the S281, the race/road SR and the N2O Focus. The company also produces and markets a broad line of performance parts as well as offering design, engineering and certification services. The company, started by former racing driver Steve Saleen, began in 1983. Saleen used his business degree from USC, coupled with experience in his father's manufacturing business, to build the company. His passion for racing also played a part. Steve began autocrossing, then rapidly moved into SCCA pro series (Formula Atlantic, Trans-Am Championship) and then into Indy car racing. By 1984, the first Saleen street car was ready for sale. It boasted special aerodynamics, an attractive and highly functional cockpit and a precise handling suspension package. The result was a car built as a limited edition model with individual serial numbers assuring authenticity. Later, demonstrating the car's performance, the company?s race team brought home a victory for Saleen, Ford and sponsor General Tire at the 24-hour race at Mosport Park in Ontario, Canada. In 2003 Ford chose Saleen, Inc. as one of the key suppliers to the Ford GT. To build this low-volume super car, Chris Theodore, Ford?s vice president of

Luxury Cars

Car Info USA

As the leader in the auto industry, Car Info USA will do your luxury dealer research for you. We will provide you with a quote for your vehicle of choice from a local, trusted dealer. With the largest network of dealers in the industry, your quote will be provided promptly from several quality dealers, so you can be in charge of what you want to pay.

Luxury Cars


Ontario Drive & Gear, creator of the legendary ARGO family of amphibious, all season off-road vehicles, is proud to introduce the ultimate dream machine for outdoor enthusiasts: The ARGO 8x8 AVENGER. Designed for those who demand the best that will stand the test of time, the AVENGER is an amphibious, eight-wheel-drive, multi-passenger vehicle that combines comfort and ruggedness with innovative and unique features.

The all season AVENGER has extraordinary capabilities. It operates in most challenging terrain, including mud and hills, snow and ice, and can go across small bodies of water. The all wheel drive Avenger has a load capacity of up to 1,150 lbs. and can tow 1,800 lbs. Power comes courtesy of a 674 cc 4-cycle overhead-valve V-twin liquid-cooled engine. This proven and reliable Kohler power plant features full pressure lubrication and combines strong, smooth acceleration with low emissions. It uses regular unleaded gasoline and comes with a three-year warranty.

Best of all, there is comfortable seating for up to six people. AVENGER owners and their passengers will appreciate the vehicle's ample legroom, its ergonomic handlebar steering and the smooth ride. The AVENGER's excellent approach and departure angles make it easy to pursue the most adventurous of outdoor dreams. Eight Goodyear Rawhide III® tires put the power to the ground responsibly. Their low ground pressure minimizes the environmental footprint of the vehicle and protects the outdoors AVENGER owners care about.

The AVENGER also offers ground clearance of 9 ½ inches, hydraulic vented disc brakes.