10 expert beauty tips for Bridal

There are a few things that a bride-to-be needs to focus on to be gorgeous at the wedding: what to do before the wedding and what to do on the wedding day. The last thing a bride would want is to regret the pictures of her biggest day. Here are 10 expert tips that will help you to look stunning on your wedding day.

1. Stop consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes

If you haven’t heard it a million times, you’ve probably been living under a rock. Alcohol and cigarettes are detrimental to your health and looks. The dehydration that follows after consuming alcohol might cause your skin to look 10 times less radiant than it should be. Since using your e111 insurance card won’t work for skin problems before a wedding, you better take care of yourself well ahead of time. For the best results, stop consumption months before the wedding.

2. Rest

Rest takes out all the black shadows under your eyes and makes you look more energetic. No product will help you remove tired eyes better than rest. The last thing you want to do is get married with blood shot eyes.

3. Exercise

Exercising helps blood circulate through your body. Doing a bit of cardiovascular workouts and lifting some weights will help you stretch your skin and shed a little bit of that un-wanted fat. Plan ahead and focus on looking gorgeous, the pain will then be secondary. Going for a check-up at the doctors won’t be a bad idea. Use your e111 to reduce your medical bills.

4. Moisturize, exfoliate and protect your skin

Protecting and conditioning your skin is a must before your wedding. Your skin will determine 80% of how good you look on the day. Treat your skin on your face, neck, back arms, legs and chest.

5. Take care of the things that highlight your beauty apart from your skin

Your eyebrows, hair, nails, lips, eyes, and feet need care and conditioning. Start months before your wedding day.

6. Test-run your makeup

Testing your makeup before the wedding will give you enough time to work on it and make it perfect. Do-up yourself two weeks before the wedding; put on the wedding dress with the make-up. Do you look as good as you want to look? Ask your bridesmaid’s for feedback.

7. Don’t stress yourself out, relax and take time off

Planning the wedding will be a lot of work. You need to remember that you are playing a leading role; so, you can’t stress yourself too much and forget about taking care of yourself. Delegate your work, plan months ahead and take enough time out.

8. Whiten your teeth

Your smile must make the whole wedding glow. Get your teeth whitened before the wedding to show off your great smile

9. Find the perfect perfume

Finding your perfect fragrance days before will help you tremendously when the day of the wedding arrives.

10. You will cry, so be prepared.

You will cry on your wedding day. Using waterproof mascara to help you with this will be a good idea.


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