10 Long-Standing Classic Restaurants to Visit in Washington DC

Ben's Chili Bowl in Washington DC

Nizam B. Ali

One of the best ways to get to know a city and its people is to take some time visiting the area's best and oldest restaurants. USA Today has put together a list of classic eats in Washington DC, and each of them sounds like a treat, even if they're not the fanciest places.


Ben's Chili Bowl

From the red barstools to the Formica counter to the chili recipe itself, not much has changed at Ben's Chili Bowl since it opened in 1958. And that's what keeps customers coming back and visitors eager to check it out. (The celebrity draw doesn't hurt, either.) Chili is a must at "the bowl." Try it on top of a half-smoke, a smoked sausage unique to D.C. -- Bill Cosby loves it so much they named it after him.

DC Coast

First-class all the way, DC Coast is a Washington landmark housed in an art deco building. The menu is inspired by coastal flavors and features a Chinese-style smoked lobster and the best crab cake outside of Maryland. The sleek interior is bright and sunny although a bit dated with its giant -- yet memorable -- mermaid greeting diners in search of great service and seafood. Read More


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