100 Watches I Wish to Buy Before I Die (Article 1)

The time. The time that defines everything in work and life is surrounded by a mere crystallization of design. Designed through precesion, varied difference amount the quality and pricing on a watch. Some of the few brands, our luxury exports handled have given us more more insight about various insights on defining watches.


Some of the most common words that always ring a bell in our head starts from Rolex, Cartiers, Breguets among others. But some of the master pieces came from companies such as Piaget, Vacheron Constatin among others.


Something interesting about Piaget Altiplano Skelton. The new watch on the block. its the thinnest version available from its predecessor. But when you look at the watch from its side view ... phew you will know why its pegged at $ 32,000 (INR 17,60,000 at the present $ value). Well yes, it does give you the time too, but Caliber 1200S measures 2.4mm thick. Wow, for a watch with great engineering involved at its shell. Altiplano is finished with matte finished brushed metal finished black dauphine hands with an extremely delicate and time consuming process of limiting the sales of watch to reach the millions .... or maybe thousands. And yes, at last its does tell you time too. 


This watch has been studied and researched by our luxury department and has been considered for luxury exports ranked no. 1 in precision and quality. 


Contributed by Gautam Seengal (


I work as Managing Director for Seengal International, export house established in 1981. With more than 117 products exported to more than 25 countries world across, Seengal International is one of the leading export houses based out of India. Recently, we includes a Luxury Export division to our existing business which prompted our more than 3,200 clients world wide to get touchy with the most e...(Read More)

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