2002 Esprit V8 of Ex Lotus Exec Being Auctioned

Lotus Esprit V8

Top Speed

Whether or not Lotus wrongfully terminated Dany Bahar seems to be somewhat of a moot point in the fact that his firing means that his 2002 Esprit V8 is coming onto the market.


It’s two days short of a month since we last mentioned Dany Bahar and Lotus in the same sentence, but we knew the silence couldn’t go on forever. While we await the outcome of the potential wrongful-termination lawsuit Bahar is allegedly planning, Lotus continues to rid itself of any signs of Bahar.

This de-Bahar-ing of Lotus began with the scrapping of all but one of his concept cars, much to the joy of Lotus purists, and has now moved into an almost personal attack. Read More


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