2012's Best Men's Fashion Team Ups


Though women's fashion is usually in the spotlight, 2012 brought us some great collaborations in the world of menswear. One of the most noticeable trends in menswear fashion ads is that the industry seems to be promoting a lot of buddy-buddy relations and good times with the boys.


Menswear collaborations have been popping up left and right in recent years. Designer, retailer, and celebrity collabs for damn near every label have yielded some seriously cool results, but with the sheer range of it all, it can be tough to know which ones are worth paying attention to -- so we did it for you. These collaborations were a cut above, featuring both established and niche labels with hugely different markets and aesthetics, but all producing sharp, innovative results that take full advantage of their creative partnerships. From boxer shorts to black tie, here's the best of the best from 2012... Read More

Michael P.

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