2013 Viper SRT Slated for Mid-November

2013 Viper SRT

Shannon Stapleton/REUTERS

When I was younger, the original Viper was one of my dream cars. That desire eventually got replaced by more luxurious vehicles and maneuverable sports cars like the Lotus Esprit. However, the 2013 Viper SRT is looking to be a beast to drive and I can’t wait to take one out for a spin.


The redesigned 2013 SRT Viper goes on sale in mid-November priced from just under $100,000, making it the most expensive car in Chrysler's U.S. lineup.

The first Vipers off the assembly line in Detroit will be coupes. The original Viper, introduced in early 1992, was a two-passenger convertible. Asked if Chrysler has plans to add a Viper roadster to the new lineup, a company spokesman said, "Nothing yet." Read More


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