28 Films Ltd Premiers D'ORA in Romania

Delia Antal is one of those multi-hyphenates that manages to make multi tasking look easy. Currently the General Manager of 28 Films is busy promoting her latest endeavor, D’Ora in Romania, but she took time out from her busy schedule to talk with JustLuxe about the new film, the industry and what happens next.


How did you get started in the film industry?

In 2007 I was in a terrible state of mine, I did not feel I belonged anywhere, it was the year I visited Romania after 2 years and a half and relised I did not belong there anymore, so did I in London. Thank God a famous singer friend of mine came to London and she saw I was lost, for the first time the need of achieving my dream was screeming out of me. I was saying what’s the point of living if you don’t do what you love to do, I want to be an actress I want to express my feelings without being judged, I was to “be”, I want to live to the fullest, but I am nobody, nothing. She told me if you really want to be an actress you will be, there is no one on this planet better then you, it is just a matter of wanting something, trust me I am every day with super stars, they are no any better then you. That was it, the golden moment, now I know no one is better then another. I started to take acting classes in London, then in LA and now I am not just acting, I am making films too.


What initially drew you to acting?

I always was the strange one everywhere, in my pre-school, in school, UNI etc. I don’t know how people saw me, but I felt really special. I had a supporting role in a play when I was four, and I felt I was better then the lead girl and I so wanted to prove it. In secondary school I dared to say in the classroom that I wanted to be an actress, in the communist Romania then was a real embarrassment, a colleague said, who do you think you are? You must be from very good background with lots of money to make it. My parents were simple people, had basic jobs and could not afford my studies too far from home, so I have a degree in economics which helps me a lot producing movies, not my passion but it helps, at least I get to play the lead role in every movie I make.


What are some of the projects you’ve worked on?

I worked as an actress on many different projects, you can see on imdb, but I had really small roles. The project I am really proud of are D'ORA (2014) and my docu-film WE CANNES which is going to be released late this year. WE CANNES is also an inspiring, educative film. It is a bout a new filmmaker at Cannes Film Festival that shows a lot of the inside the film industry doors and the glamorous red carpet.


You began  primarily as an actor, what decided you to produce and direct?

 I took on all those roles, simply through desperation. I did not find the right people who understood my story. I really did not want to, but I had to. I had the need to tell the world my story, hoping that by opening my heart some people will be saved and will avoid the traps of life engendered by being an illegal immigrant. I just wanted to be an actress, but God was more generous with me. Now I love directing too, and I can say I am a pretty good producer having accomplished D'ORA (2014).



Are you more interested in directing and producing, or is acting your main passion?

Acting was and will always be my first passion, I love being, the simplest blessing a person can have without pretending just “being” in certain circumstances that is acting for me. 


How would you describe your film "D'ORA: The Romanian Immigrant?

London Film review gave D’ORA 4 stars out of 5, and called D’ORA “A strong, powerful portrayal” and I agree.

 D'ora is a haunting, yet sweet, film chronicling a young woman's migration from oppression in Romania to democracy in the United Kingdom. It provides many lessons about the cut-throat reality and severe choices that individuals, particularly foreign migrants, are faced with at the crossroads of freedom and opportunity. D’ORA bravely presents a fresh and gritty perspective on a very current social issue, making D'ora an important contribution to the arthouse cinema.


I believe the film is based on your experience, how try to life is the film?

D’ORA is inspired from my friends and my own life experiences. It is about a poor Romanian immigrant who goes through lots of things that usually immigrants get trapped into.

D'ORA is an awareness film and raises important issues about cultural differences and immigration.


What would you like the audience to take away from watching the film?

First of all that anything is possible, there is always hope regardless how hard the journey is. And I hope my movie will reach as many counties as possible, especially second and third world counties and people will learn from Dora's struggles.


Are you currently working on other projects?

I am actually getting my 01 visa. I would like to work with different film directors and stay focused only on acting. I just booked a lead role in a promising movie with one of the greatest Romanian directors Ioan Carmazan, it is a British-Romanian-American production. To be honest I don't even have an agent as I was waiting my movie to be released, make a name for myself then approach one. It seems I can book roles even with no agent since my movie came out in London. My new docu-film WE CANNES (true story) will be released late this year, at the present I am in pre-production with another docu-film, it is about relationship between father and daughter (a true story) and adapting Chekov's play  "The Bear" for the big screen.


Tell me a bit about your  company 28 Films Ltd?

28 FILMS Limited in a new film production company in the British film landscape, launching itself with this first feature film: D'ORA (2014).

28 FILMS wishes to create inspiring, educative and provoking films, which are reflective of diverse contemporary culture and economic times. We are striving to attract new audiences by creating uncompromising issue-led films, which are relevant to modern day life and accessible to large audiences. Our work is innovative, stylish and emotionally compelling.


Check out more about 28 Films and D’Ora at

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