3 Celebrities Rocking the Hair Luxury Accessory Trend

With the summer fashion season on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to throw some hair accessories into the mix and update your look. There’s a huge range of hair accessories available and the greatest thing about them is you don’t have to make any drastic changes to your own hair.

An accessory can be added in and simply taken out when you’ve had enough so why not be adventurous and have a change?

Celebrities are very skilled when it comes to changing their look as they have to keep on top of the latest trends. As after all, those in the public eye will be regularly snapped and critiqued by the paparazzi and most media organisations.

Here are a couple of celebrities who rock the hair accessory trend and manage to keep their hair looking fresh, modern and wearable:

Blonde bombshell and singer Pixie Lott always makes sure her hair is a key part of her outfit and she always comes up with new and exciting ways to style her locks.

The festival season is where Pixie Lott really likes to show off her unique hair accessories and her most recent look includes a garland of flowers, which she prettily places across the front of her hair line.

To create this festival chic look, hair can be left loose and wavy and you simply clip a headband in that is covered with gorgeous spring blooms.

The simple milk maid braid is always a popular look amongst celebrities and Sienna Miller shows us exactly how it’s done!

Her hair looks elegant and shiny and this style is a great one for wearing in the day and evening. Simply plait your own hair and flip it over or invest in a plaited hair piece so it looks like your own!

When it comes to changing hairstyles, Rihanna is always sporting the latest trend and here she is showing just how easy it is to find great hair accessories. This simple polka dot scarf tied round the hair looks super effective and it’s so easy to achieve.

Rihanna, we salute you for your simplicity and style!

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