5 Extra Creative Ideas for a Romantic Wedding Proposal

When you propose to the love of your life, you want it to be special, memorable, a grand event, am I right?  Not always an easy thing to do, since you’re going for sincerity as well as creativity.

Sometimes coming up with the perfect proposal idea means getting a little inspiration so we’ve researched some of the most romantic ideas out there.  It is our hope that these are not going to suffice for you (as in ripping off your Internet friends word for word) but that you can use your own creativity to develop a 100% original proposal based on various concepts explored here.

Here are five great ideas for a romantic wedding proposal to help inspire you.

1.    Holiday Proposals

Is there a specific holiday that your honey loves?  Make it all the more special for her by popping the question on her favorite day of the year. 

Halloween is the perfect time to pop the questions for those ladies who the love the spooky holiday.  Have her take one of your younger family members out trick or treating around the neighborhood.  Dress up in a costume she won’t recognize you in.  When they knock and say trick or treat, put candy in the young one’s bag, but then say it looks like you have a special treat for her.

Hand her a box with the ring inside, when she opens it, and looks utterly confused, get down on one knee and remove your monster mask!   You could also carve the word’s “Marry me” and you loves name into your Halloween pumpkins, and she will be surprised when you light them up.

Christmas is a popular pick, but don’t just put that diamond ring under the tree beside the diamond necklaces you bought her …get creative about it!  Dress up like Santa and have her tell you what she wants for Christmas.   Tell her Santa wants something for Christmas too, he wants her to marry him!  You could also invite all her family and friends over for the first lighting of all the Christmas lights.  Have her stand out front, plug it in, and have “Will You Marry Me” spelled out in lights across the roof.

2.    Techie Proposals

Are the two of you big computer nerds?  Love playing video games?  Attend every Star Trek Convention?  If you are true geeks and you know it, then why not geek out with your marriage proposal? 

One of the biggest ways to show your gaming girlfriend that you want her to be your wife is to hack a game.  One guy hacked a Super Mario rom and spelled out “Will You Marry Me” in coins.  Even if you don’t have the skills, there are people you can hire who can assist you in creating a message in your girl’s favorite game.  You could also propose by getting all the high scores on an old arcade game and spelling out “Will You Marry Me” with the three letters each name gets.

You could propose via their favorite website, or build a proposal website just for your sweetheart.  Draw an Internet comic if that is your brand of geekiness.  Or if you have the money, pay their favorite actor from Star Trek or Star Wars to help in the proposal.  (Well, probably not William Shatner or Harrison Ford…you got to think creatively!)

3.    Seasonal Proposals

If you are still stumped for ideas then why not let the seasons be your guide?  Use seasonal events help in your marriage proposal.

Summer, for example, is a prime time to propose.  When you are at the beach, why not write will you marry me in the sand?  Another theatrical favorite: pay one of those airplanes to fly over with a banner popping the question to your favorite beach bunny  You could also place the ring in a treasure chest and bury it in the sand ahead of time.  Build a sandcastle together and allow her to “discover” the buried treasure.

In winter, you can build a snowman (down on one knee if you are talented) and have the ring in is stick hand.  You could also plan a full winter wonderland date, include carolers and a sleigh ride, and propose under the stars.

4.    Pet Proposals

Have a pet that you both adore?  Why not make that furry little critter part of the proposal?  Create a sign to put on your pet that pops the question.  You could also tie the ring to your pet’s collar, or have a pet shirt made with the proposal on it.  If you’re really talented, you could teach your parrot Polly to say “Will you Marry Me?”

This can be unpredictable, but a lot of fun!  If you have fish, get a little treasure chest and place the ring inside.  Pet proposals add a bit of cuteness.  Just be sure you both love the pet so that it is something special and sweet between your family!

There are so many creative ways to ask for someone’s hand in marriage.  Get some inspiration from these proposals or create your own.  It is sure to be a magical, memorable event!

About the Author:

Sophie Evans is a freelance writer and mother of two currently residing in Balboa Beach, California.  She writes from personal experience and loves checking out sites like, to see the new styles of diamond rings. Besides love, proposals and diamonds, she loves Starbucks coffee!

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