5 Key Elements in Creating a Killer Home Office

If you are considering a transition into working from home, then you are joining the increasing number of people making a wise choice. It really doesn’t even matter if you are a budding entrepreneur, or you have convinced your boss to allow you to work from a remote location. The benefits are huge, either way.

I certainly don’t miss a long commute, or having to maneuver around detours. I also don’t miss the cost at the pump each week when filling the tank to get to work. In addition to that, there is the cost of a business wardrobe, time clocks, as well as gossip at the water cooler. Nope, don’t miss any of that either.

However, not missing things is just part of the reason I love working from home. I also gained quite a bit by giving up the traditional 9-5. Freedom is one. I can start…and end work when I want. If I want to sleep in until 10 in the morning, I can.

And speaking of time; that is something else I gained. By subtracting the time it takes for commuting, mandatory lunches and breaks, as well as interruptions from well-meaning co-workers, I can shorten my work day by a couple hours each day, and still accomplish what I would, just in less time.

So, if you are planning to take the leap, do it right. Do yourself a favor and create a highly functional home office that you are proud to spend some time in. Read on for some great tips…

1. Spacious Environment

Some people have taken over a child’s bedroom who had recently moved out, or the guest room that never seems to get used. Both would mean you can dedicate an entire room for an office, which is great. Even if you wanted a space that someone could still sleep in once in a while, there is no reason why you can’t pull out a nice air bed when they visit.

The larger the space, the more you can do with it. For example, in addition to the desk, have a sitting area for reading with a nice small leather recliner, end table, and lamp, so you can sit down for some research, or read a motivational book once in awhile.

2. Optimal Furniture

As to the desk and chair, it doesn’t have to be massive. In fact, it doesn’t have to be big at all, as long as it’s functional. All your files and books can be placed on custom built shelving above your desk. I try to keep my desk as clear as possible to avoid a feeling of chaos.

Find one that fits the space nicely, and offers ergonomic features, such as lumbar support in the chair, and allows for you to roll the chair up to the desk for a comfortable working position.

The lighter the wood, or material, the larger the room will feel once it’s all set up. If the room isn’t as spacious as you would like, consider a glass top corner desk. Just make sure to take measurements of the room before you shop. You can have a very rich looking office, without it being massive in size.

3. Updated Equipment and Tools

Of course an office won’t be anything to brag about, without the latest and greatest equipment and tools. However, if you aren’t going to use it, then it really doesn’t make sense to spend money on it. Here are some of the latest gadgets used by many people working from home:   

· iPad
· Smart Phone
· Time management software
· Web conferencing tools
· Fax machine

These are just a few ideas, and some will be based on what your career is. For example, if you don’t need to host or attend meetings with others, then the web-conferencing tool wouldn’t be necessary.

However, something I didn’t mention above is a blackboard wall, or dry erase wall. As a writer, I have ideas come to me at the strangest times, or in the strangest manner. Having an entire wall that I could quickly jot down ideas or drawings for motivation would be great. I think I might have a new project in my near future.

4. Wall of Books

Dedicating a wall to showcase a great selection of books will most likely encourage further reading, which is a good step for growth…both professionally and personally. If you have a little sitting area, where you can sit down with a book, you most likely will.

If you don’t have enough room for a complete wall, build a couple shelves that can host your book collection…then add to it when you can.

5. Motivational Atmosphere

I find that motivational quotes and photos can inspire me when I least expect it. I also find that if I change these out once in awhile, it works better. If you keep the same poster up, it might turn into just part of the wall, rather than a motivational piece.

It doesn’t have to be posters. You could hang photos that represent your goals. For example, if you want to take the family to Hawaii, hang a photo of the beautiful island in a place that will remind you of your goal. It not only will encourage you to reach your goal, but it often adds a positive ambiance to your office.

In Closing

If you are going to work from home, create an office that will encourage you to spend time…productive time in it. Even if it costs a little bit, consider it an investment, because it will pay off in a short time.

About the Author

Rick Mercado is in his early 30’s, and is enjoying a successful career as an online marketer and writer. He works from home, on many topics from online businesses to home renovations. When reading on the website, he decided to combine his love of working at home and renovation into his current topic of great home offices. Rick lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia with wife. When he isn’t working, he enjoys kayaking, hiking, and cooking.

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