5 Luxury Indian Vacations

An enormous country with unlimited possibilities, India is a colorful land of diversity and great beauty. From the untouched beaches of the Andaman Islands to the ancient forts of Rajasthan in the north, India offers an array of fascinating experiences with the luxury hotels to match.


Agra is home to India’s most famous icon, the Taj Mahal. From the Oberoi Amarvilas, you only need to turn your head to the window of your suite for a glimpse of this stunning building with its history of love and death. The Oberoi is the best hotel in Agra and the ideal base from which to discover the Taj.

The hotel has stunning views of the Taj, which is just 600 meters away, with all rooms and suites looking out to the star attraction. For a more personal experience, visit the Taj Mahal at dawn when you can see it come to life as the sun rises above its gleaming white domes.


The far north of India, where the land climbs into the Himalayas, is one of the most breathtaking areas of the country – the perfect location for a mountain retreat. Just forty-five minutes away from Shimla, Wildflower Hall – the former estate of Lord Kitchener of Khartoum – overlooks the stunning scenery of Himalayan mountains and verdant hills. Sit on the terrace or by the infinity pool taking in the staggering setting, or head out on a hike around the incredible landscape, before retreating to the spa for some TLC.


The desert region of Rajasthan is yet another of India’s diverse landscapes. Just outside Jodhpur, Mihir Garh sits on the edge of the desert and is a tranquil, peaceful vacation destination for anyone wanting to get away from it all. The desert setting means that you’re away from the bustle and noise of a city and the lack of light at night reveals the stunning star-strewn sky. Each room has a private plunge pool or Jacuzzi and when you’re not relaxing and soaking up the scenery, you can go horse riding or to visit the nearby tribal villages. 

Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands boast India’s best beaches. Barefoot at Havelock Island is a great diving spot and perfect for beach lovers; it is also eco-friendly and the only such resort in the Andamans. Here you can swim with one of the ocean-swimming elephants and go snorkeling, diving and fishing. When you’ve come back to your thatched-roof cottage after a day in the sea, you can reward yourself with an Ayurvedic treatment at the spa. 

Before you head off on your luxury Indian holiday, make sure you’ve covered all the practical elements – such as having your vaccinations and sorting out your visas. Boast of your amazing time in India and get an international SIM card now – make sure your family and friends can also get cheap calls to India, so you can keep in touch. Finally, as with all trips, good travel insurance is vital. Once you’ve got all your practicalities covered, there’s nothing stopping you from discovering the incredible country of India.   

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