5 Major Private Jet Travel Advantages

The average traveler doesn't have the extra cash on hand to blow on the luxury provided by private air travel, especially not when commercial airline tickets can get them from point A to point B at a fraction of the cost. But there are ways to reduce the costs of chartering a private jet, especially if you have a large group, and in some cases it may be well worth any added expense in order to enjoy the many benefits associated with flying privately rather than commercially. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, it's not a bad idea to consider the advantages that may be gained by chartering a private jet for your trip. Here are some perks that could sway your decision.

1.      Privacy. Unless you're a celebrity, a politician, or some other type of notable public figure, you might not care that much about privacy when you travel. But it could become more important when arranging business travel, especially if you have coworkers, partners, or clients going with you. Whether you're interested in holding meetings during your travel time or you're trying to impress a prospective client, the privacy and other amenities offered by a jet will certainly trump what you can expect when you fly commercially.

2.     Hassle-free flying on your schedule. There's no denying that air travel has gotten to be more of a headache than a pleasure these days, what with all the hold-ups. But when you fly a charter jet you leave all that behind. For starters, the flight leaves on your schedule. If you're late, they wait. And you can stop wherever you like. Further, you won't have to wait in line for check-in or security. Once you park your car you'll be driven to the tarmac and get right on the plane. The pilot has the right to search your bag for security reasons, but you won't have to deal with TSA regulations concerning liquids and you generally won't be subjected to pat-down or other screening procedures. And your flight crew will make sure whatever you ask for is stocked before you fly, as well as call before you land to have ground transportation waiting when you touch down. You absolutely get what you pay for when it comes to air travel, and private jets make flying fun again.

3.      Speed. In addition to avoiding the long lines and security screenings associated with commercial flights, there are no layovers to contend with when you fly privately. If the plane has to stop to refuel, you simply touch down, fill up, and take off again. This means that you'll waste a lot less time and reach your destination more quickly by private jet.

4.     Security. Although there are no set security screening procedures when you fly privately, you don't really have to worry about the plane getting hijacked since the only people on board will be those you invite to join you. And you won't have to worry about losing your bags since they're with you the whole time. In addition, the staff is often directed to be discreet, so you can conduct business on board without worrying that an eavesdropping stewardess or a nosy passenger is going to spread private information around.

5.      Luxury. One of the biggest perks of chartering a personal flight or a private business jet is the amenities you'll enjoy. In addition to comfortable accommodations, including cushy seating and plenty of leg room, you can also select a menu of food and cocktails to be served on your flight, you can arrange for movies and other entertainment options, and you'll have access to extras like phone, fax, and internet service. You may even be able to arrange for beds on long or overnight flights. Comfort and convenience are part of the package. And if you fall in love with this form of travel and you have the finances in place, you could always purchase your own private jet (or one for corporate purposes) from a company like AVJet Corporation.

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