5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Wedding Flowers

Everyone makes mistakes, but if you know the most common mistakes that people make when choosing wedding flowers, you can avoid them. This means that you’ll have a much easier time choosing them and having them set up for your very special day.

Mistake #1: Seeking a Florist Last

Many people wait to consult with a florist until they have everything else in their wedding arranged. This is not a good idea because many times, a florist can help you turn your dream wedding into a reality by making suggestions on how to decorate and arrange some of the furniture you have at your ceremony and reception. If you already have everything in place, it may be difficult for the florist to set up the flowers as lovely as they could be.

Mistake #2: Not Taking a Florist’s Advice

Many brides come to a florist with demands of what they want, which is fine as long as they are flexible with these demands. Many times, brides don’t realize that certain flowers can’t be hung or placed in a vase the way they imagine. When the bride doesn’t listen to the warnings, the flowers may end not looking as good as she had imagined.

Mistake #3: Using Only One Color Flower

When you have one color for flowers, they can become lost in your theme or end up overwhelming your guests. The beautiful thing about flowers is the combinations you can make with them.

Mistake #4: Choosing Strongly Scented Flowers

No one wants to enter a wedding to get a headache from the flowers. Even if flowers you find are the most beautiful you’ve found, it’s just not worth it when you guests end up feeling sick from the scent. Choosing lightly scented flowers will impress your guests, and keep them comfortable and happy.

Mistake #5: Failing to Budget Enough

Flowers can get pricey. Speak to your florist about how much the flowers will cost as you start to budget for your wedding. To create the spectacular wedding you’re imagining, you’ll need to make sure you have money for flowers.

Recapping How to Avoid These Wedding Flower Mistakes

By contacting a florist early on in your wedding planning, including flowers in your budget, working with your florist on the best arrangements and flowers for your wedding, and choosing lightly scented flowers, you’ll be able to avoid some of the most common mistakes other brides have made in the past.

First Impressions Mean Everything

Wedding flowers are much more important than you might think. Even though people will think you in your wedding dress is beautiful and amazing, your guests will see all of the flowers you have at your ceremony first. This is what gets them in the mood to see you walk down the aisle. Give them a first impression that excites them, so when you make your appearance, you’ll simply blow them away.

Marcelina Hardy wrote this guest post. She knows all about the mistakes of wedding flowers because she made them, but managed to correct them just in time. She used a florist in Denver, which offers flower delivery Denver, to make her wedding beautiful.


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