5 Nail Art Ideas Celebrities Swear By

Manicure is as important as any dinner gown on the red carpet or off. So we took a stroll down celebrity-ville to see what these people are into.

Here’s what we found:

1.Yes we had a bit of a start when we saw this one too, but Lady Gaga certainly has making a statement down to a science. These talons ... er, nails, are steeped in just the right shade of pepper red to make our nails feel jealous. Now you may share our sentiments, but if the general length and shape give you pause - especially when you picture you boss’ unhappy expression come Monday morning - you could always go for the same color in a slightly more street friendly length.

2.If you are thinking girl next door - we know we are -  we certainly advocate using these babies. Lauren Conrad can hold her own with the best of them and these nails just confirm to us once more why she is one of the all-American favourites. They have just that perfect blend of sassy and trendy that has fashion icons falling all over themselves to imitate the look. 

3.Apparently, her hairstyle is not all Rihanna has to recommend her. This manicure is just the thing to set off her monochrome. Unique, eye-catching, and awesome, we strongly recommend this for every fun, fearless female out there. Way to go Rihanna.

4.Pretty as hell, and we are not just talking about the model. These summer nails colours are simple, gorgeous, and inviting. They are a ‘happy’ colour and they can easily go anywhere from the mall, to the office, to school, and yes, they can go to your favourite clubs on Friday night too.

Perl Watson

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