5 of the Most Expensive Homes in the World

There are a lot of expensive homes in the world, and they are almost universally opulent to an extreme degree. Everybody loves to see how the other half lives, so the following are some of the most amazingly opulent -- and expensive -- homes in existence.

The Hearst Mansion - $165 Million

This home isn't just amazing because of its expensive nature. It was also used as one of the extravagant manors in The Godfather. While great insurance may not be able to help you if you're targeted by organized crime, this home's insurance must be amazing considering its three swimming pools and the irreplaceable nature of the home's history. You may not have a mansion of this magnitude, but it's important to visit and ensure that your castle is properly protected. JFK spent his honeymoon here, after all. The place is also gigantic, boasting a movie theater, 29 bedrooms and a disco.

Rybolovlev Estate - $95 Million

This home used to be owned by Donald Trump, until he lost it in his divorce of Elena Rybolovlev. With 33,000 square feet of space, this is a home with 18 bedrooms and 22 bathrooms. While this home would have been more expensive, being originally listed for $125 million, it only sold for $95 million due to the pressures of the depressed economy. Fortunately, the view of the ocean is anything but depressing.

Crespi-Hicks Estate - Listed at $135 Million

Certainly the most expensive home for sale in Dallas, this 42,500 square foot home on 25 acres of land is located in an elite area called Mayflower Estates. The main house is five stories, the guest house is two and the pool house is three. What really makes this home special is that it was the last residential home designed by Maurice Fatio before he died in 1943. With a library paneled with vintage Italian walnut and burl, an art deco bar room with mirrors and 10th century Dutch Delft manganese tiles in the main kitchen among other grandiosity, this estate is a marvel in so many ways -- not the least of which is undoubtedly the property tax bill.

Villa Leopolda - $736 Million

In 1902, this French Rivieran abode was built by Belgian King Leopold II. This home and its surrounding estate are certainly worthy of royalty. Boasting 27 stories, 19 bedrooms and used as the summer home of a Russian billionaire, even the upkeep on this home is an impressive expense. The rumor is that it takes 50 gardeners just to keep up the grounds of this Villa, making it somewhere between a huge home and a small business.

Antilla - $1 billion

There was a time when a million-dollar home was a big deal, but those days are over. Nowadays, you have to spend a billion to make the news. With six of this home's 27 floors devoted to parking and a four-story garden, this home redefines what is possible and what people should want in their homes. An entire level of this house is even devoted to ballroom dancing -- proof positive that the wealthy definitely know how to live.

The most expensive homes in the world aren't like regular homes. They're bigger, they cost more money and they have more stuff in and around them.


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