5 of the Most Expensive Skin Treatments from Around the World

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You can’t put a price on beauty, but the price tags on beauty treatments can vary enormously. This list should give you an idea of what can buy.

As spa treatments become more popular, they get more bizarre and luxurious in equal measure. What constitutes a luxury product or treatment in the world of beauty varies from brand name to celebrity endorsements, but more often than that, it is the luxurious ingredients that give a treatment the wow factor.

Step into a spa today and extravagant ingredients like gold, diamonds and rubies are used in many beauty treatments. Here is a glimpse into five of the most expensive and luxuriously decadent treatments  in the world.

A Face of Gold ($475)

Feel like royalty with a 24-Karat Gold Facial, which is said to reduce signs of ageing. The idea of applying gold to the body for its health benefits is not new – it is believed that Cleopatra slept in a gold mask for similar reasons.

The element itself may be synonymous with luxury and wealth but its benefits to the skin are not something you would normally think about. The manufacturer of the gold faces masks, UMO, says that it works because the skin tries to reject the gold because it is a foreign object but in doing so, it has to build new cells. The acceleration in cell growth makes your skin look fresher and firmer.

Placenta Facial ($225-1000)

This may sound disgusting but this face cream is made from the placenta of a sheep and pigs – not humans. In fact, around 30 placentas go into one litre of serum- although only 24ml will be used on your face!

The treatment began in LA and has become extremely popular with celebrities like Simon Cowell, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez trying the new treatment. The thinking behind the facial is that the placenta contains stem cells with the ability to repair every type of cell. As a result, it can revitalise skin cells, boosting the production of elastin, protein and collagen to reflect the way youthful skin works. 

The substance is a blend of placenta and hyaluronic acid and strangely smells like vinegar. It may not be as lavish as gold but the beauty industry is making the sheep’s placenta a precious and luxurious ingredient.

Evian Water Bath ($5000)

This is one of the world’s most expensive and indulgent baths! Exclusively for guests at Hotel Victor’s penthouse in Miami, the bath contains 1,000 bottles of Evian water and is scattered with rose petals.

To help you relax in your luxury bath, the treatment comes with a bottle of champagne and a slice of chocolate cake. Although I’m not sure that these two additions help your skin! Serena Williams was the first to try this new kind of bathing experience.

Diamonds and Rubies ($7000)

This treasure chest of a treatment utilises the amazing qualities of jewels. HD Diamond and Ruby Peel is a facial scrub of crushed diamonds and rubies that is rubbed into your face and then peeled off. The rubies act as an antioxidant and the diamonds provide the sheen left on your skin.

The actress Mila Kunis is a fan of this treatment and it’s not hard to see the appeal of these precious stones and their claimed ability to make your skin shine like glowing jewels.

The Power of Bee Venom (from $50 to $55,200)

I’ll end this list with one of the most expensive treatments in the world. Valued at $55,200 per ounce, this is a highly luxurious beauty ingredient and is said to be the secret behind Kate Middleton’s glowing skin.

Bee venom might seem like an odd ingredient for a luxury skin treatment but it’s worth more than gold and in fact the mask only contains 1% bee venom. The rest is made up from lavender oil, manuka honey and shea butter. The venom is carefully extracted from bees buzzing around in New Zealand and shipped around the world.

The treatment works because your skin reacts slightly to the venom, producing elastin and collagen with helps to reduce wrinkles and encourages cell growth.

There are so many natural skin treatments being developed at the moment like breast enlargement without surgery using breast cream. Natural treatments are the height of luxury and each day we seem to discover more and more treatments utilise the world around us in search for eternal youth.

Which one of these treatments would you most like to try? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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