6 Creative Themed Party Ideas for the Summer


Summer, a.k.a. the fun season, is upon us. It doesn’t matter if you are old or young - everyone has a chance to enjoy this wonderful warm season. It’s the perfect time to take a break from boring everyday life, get out and have some fun. The best way to capitalize on all that summer joy floating in the air is to organize a great party that your friends will be talking about for years.

Now, while organizing a party isn’t that complicated – you offer a bunch of people a place to hang out, drink, eat and dance, and you can be sure everyone and their third cousin is going to show up – you need a little something extra to set the party apart and make it a truly memorable experience. Themed parties can be extremely fun if done right, as the anticipation and preparation can be just as exhilarating as the party itself. Here are several great themes for a fun summer party.  

Swimwear pool party

On those particularly hot days, when any extra item of clothing feels like a huge burden and you just want to splash some water on your head to cool down, a pool party is just the thing to help you relax. You’ll obviously need a pool, or at least to convince someone with a pool to let you throw the party at their place, but other than that, this type of party is pretty straightforward. A few sunshades, some summer cocktails, beer, juice, light snacks and plenty of ice is all that is required. The dress code is fairly casual as well – bikinis, bathing suits and shorts, and bring your own towel and/or bathrobe.

Ancient world party

This is a twist on the classic toga party, and it gives the party-goers a chance to get more creative. The basic premise is that you can choose a costume based on different ancient civilizations such as Greece, Rome, Celtic and Germanic tribes, Egypt, Persia, pre-Colombian Mesoamerica, Vedic India and Ancient China. It’s an interesting clash of cultures with Mayan priests seated next to Pharaohs, Greek Philosophers and Celtic chieftains. Most of these costumes are light and well-suited for a hot summer day, and as long as you offer wine and beer you, will be historically accurate since these beverages have been around for thousands of years.

High class informal party

This is basically the equivalent of a bunch of hipsters crashing a serious suit-and-tie party. You take certain formal dress items such as vests, single-breasted jackets, ties, fancy dresses and even antiquated items like top hats, bowler hats and monocles, and wear them in a very informal manner, combined with casual clothing. You could wear nothing but shorts, a vest, bowler hat and monocle with some slippers. The girls can get to play with tons of fun and unusual combinations of clothes and accessories, merging the formal dress style with something a bit darker, sexier or more colorful. Keep things classy by serving drinks in a variety of cocktail glasses and playing a few waltzes.

Movie night party

We’ve all grown up watching movies and idolizing the actors that helped bring compelling, exciting and heartwarming stories to the big screen, so we are ready to jump a chance to dress up and be a part of that movie magic, if only for a few hours. You can set the tone by choosing a genre or period - e.g. nineties movie or sci-fi movie characters only – or you can have everyone choose their favorite movie character of all time, the possibilities are endless.   

Super hero party

With tons of comic book themed Hollywood blockbusters scheduled for the summer, a super hero party is a great way to let everyone live out their favorite characters. You have a lot of room to get creative here – you’ve got the old school heroes, the newer versions, the gritty and ultra-realistic reboots, and you can always play with the themes yourself and come up with a unique design. This is a fun idea for people of all ages, and it is incredibly easy to find a good costume online even at the last minute or to create a costume of your own using some basic items that you can find around the home or at the local supermarket.  

Pajama party

Ah, the old sleepover pajama parties where you first got to stay up late with your friends and relax in a very intimate atmosphere. Why not relieve some of those childhood memories, by organizing a big pajama party with your friends. It’s best to make it a “bring your own booze” type of affair, where the host provides snacks and accommodations for the night. You can stay up as late as you want, drinking and having fun, without worrying about getting yourself home at 3:00 AM. Be as childish as you like – play some video games, pull out your old Settlers of Kataan or Monopoly board, get a deck of cards and play a few games of poker, or play spin the bottle.   

Summer parties are a welcome break from the mundane obligations that drain our energy and fatigue us mentally. There is a huge number of themes you can come up with, the six listed in this article being some great suggestions, so go out there, make some calls and get your friends excited about a cool summer party.

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