6 Island Destinations for a Relaxing Holiday

It really is not surprising that some rich and famous people, such as Richard Branson and Johnny Depp, often end up buying paradise island getaways for their very own personal use. After all, who among us wouldn’t do the same given half a chance? Unfortunately, such a possibility is certain to remain an illusive dream for the vast majority. Luckily, a relaxing stay on a paradise island is still a possibility.


Finding a suitable paradise island is not always as simple as it might at first seem. If things fail to live up to your expectations, there really is very little option left to you. It is for this very reason that a substantial amount of research should be undertaken before settling on any given island. As a means of helping you make up your mind, listed below are 6 of the world’s most exclusive and relaxing island destinations.

1. Anguilla

Situated in the midst of the Leeward Islands, this particular Caribbean destination is home to several luxury hotels, ensuring that your stay would certainly not be lacking in comfort. The idyllic beaches and breath-taking scenery are not to be sniffed at, either.

2. Mnemba Island

This wonderfully exotic island is not exactly remote. In fact, it is situated a mere 2.8 miles off Zanzibar’s eastern tip. However, do not be fooled by this rather misleading detail. A holiday on the island of Mnemba could very soon have you feeling as if you are among the very few people left on the entire planet. Once voted by Condé Nast as among the three most romantic destinations in the World, the idyllic beaches and unspoilt corral reefs of Mnemba Island could make it the perfect honeymoon destination.

3. Barbados

Although hardly an obscure destination, this Caribbean jewel is still one of the most relaxing island destinations to be found anywhere on the planet. Among the many advantages that Barbados has to offer, such as luxury spa resorts, fine-dining restaurants and world-class golf courses, is the seemingly limitless golden sands of its many unspoilt beaches. This is one particular destination where you would be unlikely to find your options limited.

4. Cocoa Island

If it is eco-friendliness and a green policy that you are in search of, then look no further than Cocoa Island. Situated in the Maldives, this is definitely one for the wannabe castaway. Pristine in every aspect, this gorgeous island is resplendent with shimmering white sands and an impossibly blue lagoon. Fortunately, the presence of a five-star resort should ensure that the discomforts of being a true castaway are something that you should not have to contend with.

5. Turtle Island

No list of relaxing paradise islands could possibly be complete without at least one contender from Fiji. The natural beauty that marks Turtle Island out as a truly special destination has been enhanced, if such a thing is actually possible, bythe addition of some 500,000 trees in 30 years. The island’s entrepreneurial owner, Richard Evanson, has set about this particular task with a single-minded vision that truly sets him apart from his less eco-minded contemporaries.

6. Palm Island

This little gem, which sits quietly amongst the many other splendors of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, appears to be somewhat of a jealously guarded secret. A short boat trip from Union Island is all that it takes to get to this easily missed and somewhat unassuming destination. Once you are here, however, tearing yourself away could prove to be positively heart-rending. The low key attractions of Palm Island come complete with a resort that is at once small yet utterly charming. For the seeker of true solitude and uninterrupted stillness, this one is going to be particularly hard to beat.


When it comes to recharging those batteries and taking a sabbatical from the modern world, a paradise island destination would almost certainly tick all the right boxes. If you have done your research, and had more than a cursory glance over the above list, you should now be in a pretty good position to make an informed choice as to the most suitable destination. All that remains is to go ahead and book your island holiday.

About the Author: Sonia Allen is writing for Atlantis Travel Group, one of the leading travel agencies in the UK They offer a number of packages to those looking to holiday in the Far East and other locations.

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