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6 Tips On How Celebrities Can Maintain Their Privacy
By: Stan Popovich   |    March 8, 2013   |   0 Comments (0) (0)

By: Stan Popovich

Many celebrities have a difficult time maintaining their privacy. Here are a few suggestions on how celebrities can manage their private life and deal with the media.

1.† Monitor Your Fame and Adjust Accordingly
The first step a celebrity can do is to monitor their fame. If a celebrity becomes a house hold name then he or she should expect the kind of media exposure that is coming their way. If a famous person isnít always in the news, he or she can expect a little less attention. Monitor your fame and adjust accordingly.

2. Develop A Plan
A celebrity should have some kind of plan that will help maintain their private life.† Donít wait until the last minute to decide that you need your privacy. Plan ahead of time to avoid any future problems. It may not be fair, but that is the price you pay for being popular.

3. Be Consistent In Dealing With The Media
It is important to be consistent in how you deal with the media.† If the media knows ahead of time what to expect from a celebrity, then that celebrity wonít get as much attention. The media will give more attention to those people who are always causing attention to themselves.

4. Stay Out Of The Spot Light
Why is it that some celebrities are always in the spot light while others seem to slip under the radar when it comes to the media?† A celebrity canít have it both ways. If you want privacy then stay out of the spot light and learn to lay low.

5. Watch Your Actions

Be consistent in your behaviors when you are out in public. The media and your fans will be eager to jump on anything that raises any question marks. If you want to have some privacy learn to stay under the radar and donít give the media something to talk about.

6. Learn From Others
Learn from what other celebrities on how they handled their privacy. This will help you come up with different strategies on how to maintain your privacy.

Remember that fame and popularity doesnít last forever. If you are a celebrity who gets a lot of attention, remember that it wonít last forever. There are always other young celebrities who will catch the media by storm and they will get all the attention.

The media will only deal with you if they know they can increase their ratings and make money. Use that to your advantage when you want to have more privacy.

Stan Popovich is the author of ďA Laymanís Guide to Managing Fear Using Psychology, Christianity and Non Resistant MethodsĒ.For additional information go to: www.managingfear.com

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