7 Pieces of Technology a World Traveler Will Need

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Technology has given us quite a few companions to travel with over the years. From keeping us out of harm’s way to keeping us connected with loved ones back home, they provide a sense of comfort many road warriors just can’t do without. Whether it’s a family vacation, romantic retreat, or business commitment, these seven pieces of technology can help see to it that your global explorations are both affordable and enjoyable.

1. Mobile Internet

Reliable internet access can be both difficult and costly to acquire for travelers. Without preparations, you may find yourself paying expensive daily rates for Wi-Fi, or tethered to a wired connection in a hotel, which may not be ideal in business scenarios. Travelers who cannot survive a trip without frequent and immediate access to the web need a global internet traveling solution.
There are wireless routers made exclusively for travel. These devices essentially act as an extension of your existing network and allow you to conveniently set up your own personal hotspot. In most cases, you simply plug the box into an available power outlet, turn on your laptop, and follow the prompts to configure your private wireless network. Assign a password to secure your network, or be a pal and share the connection with your travel companions.

2. Capable Camera

Travelers have several options for cameras. For most, the decision will come down to the standalone variety versus something bundled with a smartphone or tablet. Camera technology has come a long way since the glory days of Kodak and photographic film. Features such as built-in image stabilization, face recognition, and HD recording capabilities can make sure you’re ready to capture those memories at a moment’s notice.

When it comes to cameras, the best tech for travelers is usually something that not only captures good images, but is easy to port around. Who knows? With all the huge advancements in mobile device technology, the camera on your phone may be your best bet for capturing those moments in all their crystal clear glory, while literally keeping money in your pocket.

3. The Right Phone

Smartphones have made it significantly easier to communicate when traveling abroad. However, with that luxury comes the high probability of quickly tallying up huge bills on international calls. Throw in fees for roaming and apps being mistakenly left on, and even short trips can make your grand total ring up much higher than you originally planned.

In this case, the right phone not only implies a device with exceptional hardware and software, but one with a rock-solid data plan as well. T-mobile no contract plans give you the flexibility to bundle international calling and roaming in a single package.  That way, you can lock calls in at a reasonable fixed rate, and have the data necessary for downloading apps, retrieving directions, and other internet activities.

4. Portable Water Purifier

The quality of drinking water varies considerably from one country to the next. With a good portable water purifier, you can feel confident about the water you drink no matter where you are in the world. It is a peace of mind that can’t be measured when considering that unclean water often contains alarming amounts of dirt, bacteria, chemicals, and other elements that are hazardous at high amounts. In addition to preserving your health, this one investment can improve the taste of water and greatly reduce the amount of money you spend on bottled products. 

5. Electrical Adaptor

 The 21st century traveler is stocked with numerous power-hungry gadgets. Everything from your laptop to your smartphone and tablet is going to require a charge at some point during your trip. The arsenal of individual cords and adapters you have amassed may not be a big deal for gadgets around the house, but could make for cluttered confusion when you’re on the road. Aside from the organizational aspect, there is the fact that electrical standards vary across the world.

Luckily, there are ways to simplify your electrical needs. For example, if you're coming from the U.S., you can purchase travel adaptersspecifically designed to work with outlets in the UK. There are also universal adapters that support a variety of USB and wall inputs.         

6. GPS Unit

 Navigation systems are particularly useful for individuals who will be traveling by vehicle when reaching their destination. GPS technology has gone beyond getting drivers from point A to point B. For example, there are devices that deliver real-time weather reports, social media updates, and directions in personalized voices. While the bells and whistles are certainly attractive, the typical traveler is in search of something that works.

There are several GPS units available and luckily, many of them do an admirable job of living up to their job description. Busy travelers benefit most from a device that is easy to port around and has extensive data on the areas they plan to navigate through. 

7. Portable Media Players

Travel expeditions are not all fun and games. There is often downtime in between the sightseeing, shopping, and recreational activities. A portable device loaded with your music, videos, or ebooks could be pretty handy in these moments. Media players have come a long way, from bulk gadgets only capable of storing modest amounts of music to devices with enough capacity to store gigabytes of data in multiple formats.

With convenience, cost savings, and enjoyment on the line, digital savvy travels should look to get their media fix from a piece of all-in-one technology. Nestled beside your water purifier and electrical adapter, a device that packages your internet, phone, camera, GPS, and multimedia experience in one wrap could technically be called the ultimate travel kit.        
Technology and traveling often strive to meet the same goal of making life simple. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get them to work together toward that common goal? Tuck these gadgets in your luggage, and you’re on your way to a positive journey, whether the trip involves relaxing on the beach, or representing the company in an international market.


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