7 tips to wake up beautiful

Waking up beautiful

waking beautiful


Everyone hate waking up clammy, groggy, and looking like you never went to bed at all. We expect sleep to single handedly work wonders, make us look relax and self assured, and make our skin glow. Although a good night sleep can help achieve all these things... it needs a few added extras to help you feel invigorated and ‘ready for the world’ next morning. Here are seven tips that allow peaceful sleep, and make you feel fresh and beautiful next morning:


Regular Sleep is Healthy Sleep:

Sleep eight hours every night is far less important than sleeping at the same time every night. Most people treat sleep as something outside their daily schedules... something to think about after the night is out. Sleep should be part of our daily routine, such that we pick an hour at which its bed time, no matter what. You know your schedule, plan accordingly. Say you pick midnight. Then sleep everyday at midnight and wake up at the same time (7am perhaps). When your body knows when to expect sleep, you’ll sleep faster, better and wake up well rested. Our bodies are designed to function better on a clockwork routine.


Makeup OFF:

Never ever sleep with makeup on. Such a long exposure to chemicals is terrible for your skin. Also your skin cells clean your face as you sleep, and a layer of makeup hampers their work. Using a mild makeup remover, gently cleanse your makeup off. Do not use the same material twice (germs). Make it a habit, come home and wipe the war paint off ASAP.



Moisturizing is best done by night, particularly if you’re a fidgety person. Get a good moisturizer (by good I mean one that works well for you) and apply it generously before bed. Your skin will soak up the goodness as you sleep leaving your face fresh and glowing in the morning. Also it is a good idea to moisturize your hair while you nap, allowing your scalp to enjoy some uninterrupted TLC. Use either a hair treatment or a homemade moisturizer like mayonnaise or olive oil.


Visit the Loo:

Before turning in, go to the bathroom, even if you don't really need to. Your bladder will fill up during the night, and an unscheduled bathroom trip will ruin your sleep. Uninterrupted sleep is important, so plan accordingly.


Crack Open a Window:

Human breath! We breathe as we sleep too. And the reason we expel carbon dioxide when we breathe out, is because the gas is bad for us in large amounts. When we sleep in a closed off room, with only an internal cooling system to keep us comfortable, carbon dioxide builds up in the room. Not only does this lead to a restless sleep, it weakens the body and mind as a whole. So sleep with a window open. Fresh air is refreshing and healthy!


Silky Smooth:

Another thing that can work wonders for you on your way to a beautiful morning, fine sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Normal pillowcases soak up the moisture from your skin and hair as you sleep, and also leave you with horrid crease lines on your face if you try to get too comfortable. An organic silk pillowcase is less rough than cotton so it also causes less friction, though be sure to fill it with a soft pillow stuffing or your head will just slide off.


Sleep On Your Back:

Some studies claim that more wrinkles appear on the side of the face that we sleep on. Also sleeping on your back is one of the most balanced and restful positions to sleep in, your back is well supported, and you can breathe easy and breathe fresh.

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Uroosa Rajani likes to contribute her life for social good. She is working with Natural Vitiligo Treatment for helping people to achieve Vitiligo Cure.

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