7 Ways to Repurpose Wood Pallets in Your Backyard

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Leftover wood pallets can help make your backyard more useful and more presentable. There are several different projects you can do over the weekend with them that are quick and easy to do. Here are seven ways to repurpose wood pallets in your backyard.

Create a Potting Bench for Your Plants

If you love to garden, a potting bench can be a beautiful way to display your potted plants. You can easily make one out of your leftover pallets with the use of a hammer and some nails. Determine how big you want the bench to be, then start nailing the pallets together.

Build a Bench in Your Garden 

Your plants are not the only thing in your backyard that can use a bench. Use some extra strong pallets to create a larger bench for you to sit on and enjoy your backyard. You can also make a shorter bench for you to sit on when you're working in your garden. You'll never have to get down on your hands and knees in the soil again.

A Deck

A wood deck makes a backyard feel more complete, and gives you a place to sit back, relax, and enjoy a cool glass of lemonade in the summer. You can use your leftover pallets to create a deck off of your porch to enjoy your backyard more. Depending on the number of pallets you have, you can determine the size to create. You can even add more pallets in the future to build your deck out.

A Compost Bin

If you have a large garden, having your own compost bin to create fertilizer for it can be a big convenience. Use your leftover pallets to construct a large enough bin to throw away your roots, coffee grinds, pet waste, and other compost materials.

A Shed

If you need more storage space in your yard, you can use your leftover pallets to build a shed. You'll need to buy the hinges at your local hardware store, and then construct it yourself. Again, depending on the number of available pallets to you, you can build a small, medium, or large shed.

A Picnic Area

If you have a large amount of pallets leftover, you can use them to create a backyard picnic table and benches. Make sure you measure properly to get the right length and height of both the table and the benches.

These are seven great ideas you can use your repurposed wood pallets to create. It's important not to build anything too outrageous, as it may pose a risk of increasing your insurance rate; however, that can be easily fixed by getting a new quote from a website like Most of them are fairly simple to put together, and can be created over the weekend. If you have large amount of leftover pallets from replacing your fence or other wooden materials, consider repurposing it by creating one of these projects.



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