8 Best Baby Shower Gifts

When I was a new, expecting mom, I needed a lot of things.  I wanted my shower to include diapers and wipes as one of the main gifts, but many people that attended my shower brought creative gifts as well.  These gifts remain the most memorable items that I still cherish today.

If you are about to attend a baby shower, remember that great shower gifts should be special, personal, and function.  Here is my list of the 10 best baby shower gifts.

1. Baby Booties

Babies have tiny feet and they can easily get cold.  When I was a new mom, I always wanted to keep my baby's feet covered and baby booties are a stylish way to keep those toes warm.  There are enough varieties to go along with any outfit.

2. Bouncy Seat

There are many wonderful products on the market that can help a new mom calm her baby.  I know when I became a mom, I had no idea what it was like to never have a free hand.  A bouncy seat is an item that can help calm a baby, and free up a mom's hands all at the same time.  Some of the seats have toys attached and some even have lights and music.  The item can help calm and amuse an infant for a few minutes while the new mom gets a few things done in the kitchen.

3. Sleep sack

When I was a new mom, I constantly worried about my daughter being warm overnight.  One of the best baby shower gifts I received was a sleep sack because it was an item that kept her warm and cozy all night long.  When babies are first born, clothes are so strange.  They do not like having their arms and legs separated into shirts and pants.  That is where sleep sacks come in handy.  The baby can wear layers for extra warmth, or simply curl him or herself up in the sleep sack.

4. Tummy Time Mat

These playmats are another baby shower gifts item that can entertain a baby for a few minutes here and there on her own while the new mom sends an email, puts in a load of clothes or attends something else in the house.

5. Boppy

The boppy was one of the best baby shower gifts I received when it came to nursing.  I could comfortable nurse my child and I ended up having a boppy in nearly every room of the house for easy access.

6. Baby carrier

"In order to change, we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired."  Any new mother can attest that once she feels like getting out, she will make good use of a baby carrier.  There are many baby carriers that hurt the back, but even if they aren't always comfortable, they are still handy.  I carried my baby around the stores, zoo, and many other places in my carrier.

7. Diaper bag

This bag is something a new mom will likely carry for years.  Make sure it is chic and has plenty of zipper pockets for easy access to highly needed items.  For an added touch, you can even give the mom a fully supplied bag.

8. Disney Princess earrings

If you know the baby is a girl, buy something special for her to enjoy when she grows up.  All of the guests will sigh when they see the cute item and the mom will remember it was you that gave it to her daughter.

About the Author:

Martha Marks likes to keep balance in her busy life by doing her gift shopping online. She has done enough of it that she can now offer efficiency tips to others. She created a great website for other moms called where she has a great blog and lots of great gift items for kids.

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