9 Simple Tips to Keep your Lips Beautiful

Keep your Lips Beautiful


The first thing a person notices when they look at another person is their face. They will notice if the skin is youthful looking, if the face is smooth, and the condition of the skin. Lips are also among the first things to get attention. There are nine simple tips to keep lips looking healthy and beautiful.

Use Lipstick Sparingly Lipstick can be too much of a good thing. Lipstick that is bright and bold can be attention getting but the wrong shade can make the lips look smaller. Lipstick also dries out the lips. The color needs to be reapplied often draining more moisture from the lips. When using lipstick use a touch of color for a more natural look and feel.

Keep Lips Hydrated, the delicate skin of the lips can dry out easily. When lips do not have glands that allow them to produce oil and keep themselves moisturized. Once the lips become dry they will get chapped and start to crack. This is not attractive and can be rather painful. 

To keep lips hydrated use a lip balm spraining to help keep moisture in. The best thing to do to keep lips hydrated is to drink plenty of water. Water naturally keeps the skin cell moisturized and will help the lips look and feel healthy. 

Do Lick or Biting the Lips Licking and biting the lips removes moisture? It also damages skin cells. If the skin cells are damaged they will become dry, brittle, and crack. This will lead to pain and cause the lips to look unhealthy and smaller. If you find yourself licking your lips stop wearing the balm or lipstick you are wearing. If you are biting chew gum until you are able to kick the habit. 

Protect with SPF. The sun can burn the delicate skin of the lips. When selecting lipsticks or glosses be sure to look for ones that contain an SPF. This will help shield the lips for the rays of the sun which can damage the cells and dry them out. There are many brands that contain SPF. Be sure to wear a wide brim had to keep the sun off the face and the lips for extra protection. 

Exfoliate Once a Week Exfoliating weekly will help bring back moisture to the lips that were lost. This will also help remove the dead skin cells and allow the new and fresh skin cells to come through. These new cells are healthier and will give the lips a fresher appearance. 

Retain Moisture in the Lips There are several ways to lock moisture in the lips. Selecting a light balm will help lock in the moisture and keep it from evaporating. Do not lick, bite, suck or play with your lips. This will remove the moisture and damage the skin. Locking the moisture will help the lips look healthy.

Avoid Wrinkles around the Lips. Wrinkles around the lips can make them look thin and old. To prevent wrinkles around the lips, avoid smoking cigarettes. Not only are they bad for overall health but they increase the fine lines and wrinkles above the lips. There are several types of exercises that can be done to keep the muscles of the lips strong and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Get Rid of Cold Sores Cold sores are blisters on the lips. They are itchy, red, and are highly contagious. They also damage the cells of the lips. This virus needs to be treated right away before they cause damage such as scarring from itching.

Homemade Beauty Tips for Lips. There are some tips that you can use at home to keep the lips looking great. Avoid toothpaste that is too strong. Use it only on the teeth and not the lips as it can lead to cracking. Before you brush your teeth you should brush your lips with just water to remove the dead cells. Before going to bed you can rub a little bit of olive oil into your lips. This will help make them soft and help lips that are cracked health quickly. 

These are some ways to get rid of dry lips and can help keep lips looking healthy for many years. Keeping the lips moisturized and locking the moisture in can help you can plump and full lips. 

Andrea Moore

Andrea Moore, a post-graduate in English literature, is a writer and beauty researcher. She is specialized in eye and lip care. She is contributing to from June 2011....(Read More)

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