A Brief Look at the History of Golf



There is much debate about the origins of golf and where it evolved from. The most widely accepted truth is that the modern game of golf evolved in Scotland during the Middle Ages and did not become popular in other parts of the world until the late 19th century, although there is some debate that there was a game played in the Netherlands in the 17th century which involved players using a “golf club” to put a small ball into a hole that was made in the ground. After the 19th century, the game became popular in the rest of the UK and then spread to the rest of the British Empire and the USA, where it evolved to become the game that it is today.

The Evolution of Golfing Equipment

Throughout history, the game of golf has developed and evolved, and so has the equipment used to play it. One of the main noticeable changes has been to the golf ball. Players used to hit a pebble around until the earliest man-made golf balls were invented by stuffing a leather bag with feathers. In 1848, Reverend Adam Paterson invented the gutta-percha ball from the sap of the Gutta tree; this ball was very similar to the balls that we see today and could be hit a considerable distance. The dimples in the golf ball were only added later on, after people noticed that once their smooth golf balls had become pitted and damaged due to constant use, they were able to travel further.

The earliest golf clubs were made from wood. In the late 1890s, the steel shaft was introduced, which was then replaced by a graphite shaft in the early 1970s. The golf club has evolved since then and is now made from graphite and titanium to allow the ball to travel further distances.

The Popularity of Golf

Golf has become more popular over the years, and due to the media attention that it gets, its following is increasing. The popularity of playing golf has also increased, and it is no longer a sport that just the rich can play. Anyone can be a member of a golf club and learn the sport on some of the country’s best golf courses. If you are thinking about starting to learn golf, then there are many ways to do it: by picking up a golf club and having a go or taking professional lessons at a golf course.

Golf Accessories

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