A brief overview of the Adelaide festivals

Travelling has always been one of the effective ways to refresh and revitalize oneself. This holds particular appeal for those whose daily life is bound up by monotonous chores and work activities. The choice of travel destination is also based upon the type of experience we want to undergo. Among the several places that are considered the best travel destinations, Adelaide deserves a special mention. Let us a take a look at the reason behind this.

Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia that is famous for its art and festivals. The last year has been a splendid year in this city with much fun and activities arranged and organized. Starting from the Adelaide Fringe in the autumn to the Adelaide Festival and WOMADelaide, there was an assortment of fun activities for the visitors to enjoy in. These three festivals are by far the most popular Adelaide adventures.

Adelaide Fringe

It started on the 24th of February and ended somewhere around March 18th. There is an interesting history behind the fringe festivals that takes place all over the world. The fringe festival was started in Scotland under the name of Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This festival was played simultaneously with the Edinburgh International Festival as an alternative to it. These festivals primarily concentrate on dance and theatre.

The 2012 Adelaide Fringe Festival started around one week before to the Adelaide Festival. It hosted close to 900 events. Several international artists were included in this festival. Around 300 venues were used for the execution of these events.

Some of the typical characteristics of this festival are the low-ticket prices and short stage performances. Generally, all the performances are about an hour or so.

Some of the famous performances that happened last year are:

·        Soap - The Show: this was a combination of circus activities and cabaret.

·         Uta Uber Kool Ja: it featured the famous Aussie actor Georgina Symes

Adelaide Festival

It started around one week after the Adelaide Fringe. There were around 68 events held in this festival. Including both national and international artists, around 970 artists were called. In total close to 386 performances was held during this festival.

Some of the highlights of this festival were:

Water Stains on the Wall: the famous Cloud Gate Dance Theatre that is a renowned Asian dance company presented it.

Never Did Me Any Harm: Kate Champion and Andrew Upton presented it. It was inspired by the Christos Tsiolkas novel The Slap.



It got started from 9thof March to the 12th of March. This festival concentrates on the celebration of music, arts and dance. It was originated in the year 1980 in United Kingdom. The first WOMADelaide festival in Adelaide was held in the year 1992. This festival has a fixed venue where it is held once in every two year. Adelaide’s Botanic Park that is located in the middle of the Adelaide Zoo and Adelaide Botanic Garden is the chosen venue.

Some of the famous highlights of this festival held last year are:

·        Ukuele Orchestra of Great Britain

·        Staff Benda Bilili from the Democratic Republic of Congo

·        Dobet Gnahore from the Ivory Coast

·        Pascals from Japan

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