A Crazy Tip From A Parent Who Lost Weight

Parents who may be too busy rushing around after the kids might not get the time to go on a proper diet, in order to lose weight. Here are some ideas that will help any parents who are rushed off their feet. Not only can this help the parent to lose weight, but the child will also be encouraged to eat healthily, because of the parent's eating habits.
If you do the school run in the car, if you were to walk it instead, you'd be burning off extra calories than had you been driving. Whilst not strictly to do with dieting, this still helps with weight loss in general. 

Take small steps that are easy to implement. For example, using skimmed milk instead of full fat isn't going to be a difficult change, but it's going to have quite an effect in the long term. The same principle will apply to any item of food that you switch from their regular to lighter in fat equivalents.

If you give yourself little goals in your weight loss endeavour, between starting and getting to your ideal weight, you'll get little victories along the route to your main target and this will help to keep you motivated as you see the progress that you are making.
Increasing your protein intake can help to get a flat stomach quite quickly and consuming some early on in the day can help with tiredness later in the day, peanut butter, egg whites and almonds are good examples of ways to take protein in early in the morning.

Be aware that crash diets that can be quite appealing at first, because of their promises and claims, can have an adverse affect on your health in the long term. 

Low calorie diets aren't necessarily a good idea because your body needs a certain amount of calories to keep the metabolism going in the first place, so when you cut the calories you are taking in drastically, you are actually doing more harm than good because your metabolism will be going to slowly to burn off the weight when you go back to a normal diet.

Yolanda Silveri, a single mother, lost 140 lbs, going from 271 lbs to 131 lbs. A tip she gives is that she actually started sprinting the length of the house during the commercial breaks of her favourite TV show, "The Biggest Loser", and attempt to get more lengths in that break as she got fitter.

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