A Discussion on Loden Coats

Put This On

After receiving a huge number of inquiries on Loden Coats, Derek at Put This On decided to write more about them and lay out where they can be found and covers some of the major brands that produce the super-soft men's outerwear.


I wrote a post last month about a Loden coat I picked up from Aspesi, and since then, have received more emails about that it than anything else I’ve ever written. Some people want to know more about the Aspesi coat; others ask where else they can buy one. So, in an effort to put everything in one place, I thought I’d list some options here.

The term Loden refers to a soft, exceptionally durable cloth (usually green) that has a slightly hairy look. For its thickness and density, it’s great at keeping out the cold, and because of the natural oils inside the wool, it’s fairly water resistant. Read More

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