A Few Interesting Costume Ideas

Halloween is less than two months away and as usual, it is all about standing out from the rest of the crowd with your costume. If you have been wondering what to wear this year here are a few costume ideas that you might find quite interesting and helpful.

Sweat Suit Concept

There are numerous possibilities as far as this is concerned and only your imagination can limit you. All you need is a concept; for example, think of your favorite super hero movie, pastime or cartoon. Let us say you go for a batman or SpongeBob costume, try to add something extra to make it unique. Take SpongeBob for example, you could add horns and vampire teeth as opposed to being simple Mr. square pants. Here is the thing; you can bet your Halloween candy that someone else will have thought of your idea because there really is nothing new under the sun and therefore you need to come up with a way of owning your design.

Go as a Group

A great way of making a statement on Halloween is by wearing one type of costume among a group of people; the more the merrier. The idea here is to meet up with a number of friends a few weeks before Halloween and decide on what you will all wear. A great idea would be something like the grim reaper complete with scythes and black hoods covering your faces completely. Just think of it, ten grim reapers walking around demanding candy; it will definitely be epic.

Famous People 

This will definitely work every time; for this year, think of all the famous people who have done something worth noting whether negative or positive. Once you have pointed out your personality of interest come up with an outfit that is synonymous with him or her. Go a step further and have a mask designed to make you resemble that celebrity. An even better idea is to transform yourself into a celebrity who died recently; just make sure you do not try too hard.

Trick or Treat

Trick-or treating is a big part of Halloween if not actually the biggest and to get treats, you need a bag. Once you have decided on the costume that you will be wearing, take some time to design a candy bag that goes with that costume. For example if you and your friends go with the grim reaper idea, a great trick or treat bag would be a decayed human skull and brain matter still visible around the opening -do not go around digging graves looking for the real thing though.

Go Techno

With a number of different technological gadgets released this year a great idea would be transforming yourself into one. Think of your favorite tablet PC, mobile phone or anything of the sort and design a costume around it. Again, ensure that you add your own touch to make it as unique as possible.

The earlier you start designing your costume the better. You cannot rush perfection, take your time to get all the details right so that the final product is something out of this world.


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