A Focus on Menswear is Fashion's Latest Trend

Youngjun Koo/

Being a man, I couldn't be more pleased with the current trend in the fashion industry toward more experimental menswear. While the majority of the stuff isn't off-the-wall crazy clothing as we often see coming from catwalks, there's been just enough change to our standard look to make menswear interesting and classy again.


If recent fashion weeks are any indication of what we should expect to see come Fall/Winter 2013 (and they usually are), then there are a few trends to be on the lookout for. So far we’ve attended all of the men’s fashion events taking place throughout Europe including London Fashion Week, Pitti Uomo, Milan Fashion Week, Berlin Fashion Week, and Paris Fashion Week. While each location and event is aimed at different collections and crowds, certain trends have permeated their way through many of them. Read More

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