A ghost with broken wings




The haunted hotel Cismigiu from Bucharest had been entirely renovated and I was so so so excited and couldn't wait to see how it looked! I went there accompanied by my charming little Bichon. „Shiny facade but no ghost”, I concluded skeptical and sarcastically being ready to return home.










The dream of becoming an actress of a former drama student from Republic of Moldova was "ruined" in that hotel, that in those days sheltered a Drama Boarding School. I read that she accidentally died there in 1990. 

My dog dragged me inside through the front door and I was surprised to see that I was allowed to go inside. Nobody seemed to notice me. I hastily climbed the stair. Only a few steps, I saw an elderly man. He was wearing grey trousers and a checkered shirt. He peeped his head through the door. n. 93. Then he entered the room locking the door. I heard loud screaming inside.






I tried very hard but I could not yell out. I could not move a muscle either. It was as though some invisible force had taken hold of me.







The guy was laughing when the girl was screaming and crying from trying to get away. He enjoyed having complete control over his victim.




My whole body started to shake and I just couldn't stop it. It was freezing cold to me even though I was wearing a winter jacket. My dog was scratching the door frame, but nothing happened. The door remained closed. After a while the girl managed to escape and run to the elevator. She seemed like she floated. Her clothes were torn off, her face was congested and she cried. A ghost with broken wings. I noticed her standing shadowy and menacing him in the elevator door. „I’ll tell everything”, were her last words before falling down elevator shaft. Her words echoed down the shaft three times.



The doorman found himself heading slowly toward the elevator door, as he lazily buttoned up his pants. He felt the buzzing. He looked straight down the empty elevator shaft while the drama student cried for help. Then he lit up a cigarette, points at the room door and murmurs, "Nobody will ever find out about us, Neli. Trust me, I will carry your secret to the grave!” He ignored her screaming and went to his front desk.




My lovely dog was barking furiously running around in close proximity. Didn't know how much time had passed. It felt like forever ... Finally, after a while her screams ceased and we were able to go. At the front door I stumbled upon the rapist body who ended up hanging himself.



Before leaving Cismigiu hotel I heard Neli’s small steps descending the stairs that mimicked the sound of roaring applause. That building was the only stage she ever knew and remained so forever.


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