A Great Filet Mignon in San Diego

While there are many fine dining establishments in San Diego that offer up some pretty amazing filet mignons, the one that has fit my tastes best is served over at Greystone The Steakhouse. Located in the cityís famous Gaslamp district in the downtown area, this fine-dining restaurant has everything I look for in a steakhouse: portion size and quality of meat.

Iíve found that many restaurants that go for an aesthetic presentation of their meals end up not serving enough food to fill my massive appetite, but the dishes at Greystone The Steakhouse are perfect, especially their take on the classic surf Ďn turf, but Iím getting a bit off track now. Iím here to tell you to go and order the Filet Mignon A La Oscar, which is a 7oz cut covered in crabmeat, asparagus and bťarnaise sauce. Though I wish the cut was a few ounces larger, the toppings end up making the plate rather filling; more importantly, though, is that itís unbelievably delicious.†

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