A Journey to be Successful

After being unemployed for four years it was time for (A Journey to be Successful) the weather was perfect in everyway.  If life isn't the same anymore than it time for a "JOURNEY" a road trip or a good path to follow, with little or no income coming in just an everyday simple meal could become difficult in ones life.
I can remember the day this all started in 2008, I was on a return trip home from california.  Traveling along I-15 crossing the state line of Utah, when my truck water hoses broke and fuild was all over my windshield.  The next exit was (New Harmony,Utah) that only had one station
in the town, the clerk had informed me about a local repairman that could probably help me with my repairs.
And within a few hours he was their and looking over the damage truck, he began asking several questions like he was expecting me to reach him soon.  And finally he said; GOD wanted you to stop, maybe to avoid something later but with this much damage you would have broken down sooner or later. Then he said it won't be until tomorrow for me to have the parts to repair the truck, so I said okay; and off he went.
That evening; I began thinking about what he had said to me about (GOD wanted you to stop) I then started making notes about my lifestyle and realized that what I once called The World in America didn't exisit anymore,  it was like walking through an invisible door.  My job was lost, My wife was gone, no saving account, no retirement plan, everything had vanished into thin air.  And Life didn't seem important to me anymore, and off to sleep I went.
The next morning came early and I got my regular morning coffee, so after that the repairman came and repaired the truck and off I went.  I still had about 1600 hundred miles to travel and lots of time to think about what had taken place back in Utah, it felt like the closer I got to Indiana the stranger I began to feel about the job and life general. 
Living without a purpose came to mind, we often believe that by going to work daily for about 12 hours per day keeps everyone satisfied with the outcome.  But what a false truth we are living in America by the time you do get home nobody is satisfied with their lifestyle at all.
Now the illness part come's in and your health begans to leave your body, well my youth is now gone and I don't have a retirement plan in place.  The Government has increased the age of retirement to 72 and you your age is 56 so that mean that we would have another 16 years to go that's like starting aanother childhood program as a senior adult.
Am now living in a shelter with no outside communication except through email, the battlefield seems to be the same but the weapons has changed greatly.  Thanks to Apple Computer Corporation it takes me back to the days of (Adam and Eve with the serpent who gave eve advice about eating the forbidden fruit) just try this IPAD or notebook and wealth will be their tomorrow.
A Journey to be Successful
I began to reveiw the bible scripture's and discover that GOD had a plan in place for our Lifestyle to follow and somewhere along the way things was changed.  And people pushed GOD aside from his instructions, even today we can't speak about our creator without someone wanting to blow up the building.  But yet everyone knows how to pray when something goes wrong, but to help other people who really may need help is almost impossible to achieve in America.
When you become a Veteran of the Military in America, you have no choice but to call on them for help.  Most are sent to an Outreach program for the homeless and placed on a waiting list for housing, this may take from 3 to 6 months before you are placed into an apartment.  Most of them returns back to the streets and gives up on the American Dream
others are crippled or handicapped in some way or another, but one thing for sure "A Journey to be Successful" will only get you down the road to nowhere.


Born in Maryland attended school in New Jersey a pioneer in the field of Computer's joined the Military in 1976 served with the Navy two enlistments joined the McDonald's Corporation in 1982 a big fan of Ray Kroc 'In business for yourself, but not by yourself', for 19 years established new owners in the business. If your business is operating in the red then you should give William a call!!! ...(Read More)

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