A Look Into Bolivia that Most Travelers Probably Miss

Unseen Bolivia

Like most vacation or tourism destinations across the globe, Bolivia has its fair share of hidden gems that most travelers will probably never see or partake in. Check out the article below and see precisely what I'm sure most of us will never experience.


The pilot offers a warning to passengers as they arrive at El Alto airport in La Paz that some may experience dizziness, shortness of breath and develop a blinding headache, in short-altitude sickness, welcome to Bolivia!

El Alto sits at 4,061 metres above sea level, the second highest commercial airport in the world. Getting through customs and into a taxi posed no problem as both myself and cameraman Terry Winn felt fine, despite spending too many hours in the air.

For me the strangeness began as I got to the hotel room. I suddenly felt as though I was walking on very, very soft rubber, I checked my shoes to see if everything was intact, but the wobbles continued. I went down to the lobby in search of reassurance and sure enough Terry felt the same, so we both bounced off for much needed coffee.

Michael P.

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