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My passion is to promote a Master Woodworking Artist, Ramon. His art is functional and beckons one ...Read More

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A Luxury Love
By: Shelli   |    January 3, 2013   |   0 Comments (0) (0)

Our children make us proud but their children make us beam. Nothing brings as much joy as the love for a grandchild.  You keep pictures of them, we talk about them and their artistic masterpieces have a special spot on the refrigerator. They bring out a new kind of love.

This new love makes you want to conquer the world just for that grandchild. It has been said that one of the true measures of life is what we leave behind.   When you leave this world, you want that grandchild to have a long-lasting, tangible memory of you. Why not leave behind a legacy? What says beauty? What says family heirloom?  What says increases in value? What says nostalgia?  What says grandmother? That's right-- your jewelry box !

You are not going to leave behind just any old jewelry box. It is going to be a special design. Your jewelry box will be a creation from an amazing wood artist named Ramon of Ramon Design Concepts. Ramon's handcrafted solid wood jewelry boxes are his original designs. Designs are never repeated nor patterned, so your precious grandchild will have a jewelry box like none other.   Not even the artist will have the same design.  The box will be your legacy. It will increase in value as your grandchild passes it down for years to come.

Choose your unique design at www.Rdc513.com. Do it for that new kind of love.

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