A Mediterranean: The Perfect Holiday Cruise Destination, with Something for Everyone

Santorini by Admanchester, on Flickr

For many people, the Mediterranean is one of the best cruise destinations. The area is not favoured for nothing -- it has some of the best scenery, amazing cuisine, fantastic weather, a rich cultural heritage and many other attractions. What is more, if you visit the area on a cruise, you are sure to see more than one locale in the region.


The Mediterranean Weather


The Mediterranean weather is known for dry summers and non-freezing temperatures in winter. If this sounds like the kind of weather you would love to holiday in, then a cruise to this region is perfect for you. Generally, the summers are hot and the winters are wet and soft. It is in the Mediterranean that you can expect approximately 300 days of sunshine every year.


The Mediterranean Scenery


According to many Europeans, and in particular the British, the Mediterranean scenery is an ideal that has been denied many countries. In fact, to many people, the landscape alone is the reason why the Mediterranean is one of the most popular cruise destinations. The rugged interiors that offer up vineyards and pine groves are a marvel to many people. And what about the coastal regions with their breathtaking beaches?


The Mediterranean Cuisine


What do people mean when they talk of Mediterranean cuisine if the region is not as uniform as some people think? Well, Mediterranean cuisine evolved from the foods of the regions adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea. Though the area is comprised of different cultures, their shared historical values have brought them together over the years, particularly in the issue of food. If you fancy whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil, seafood and nuts, then you will love Mediterranean cuisine.


Cultural and Historical Attractions


How good is your history? Well, you don't have to worry because even with a rustic knowledge of historical happenings in the Mediterranean, you will still be able to enjoy a cruise in the area. Whether you are into exhibitions, fairs or museums, you will find the region rich in cultural attractions. From the ancient ruins in Termessos, Antalya (Turkey) to the Colosseum in Rome, the Mediterranean's history and culture is extremely intriguing and interesting.


Sports and Activities


Whether you are into golf, yachting, mountaineering, underwater diving or even eco-tourism, you will enjoy a tour of the Mediterranean. On a cruise, you will get time to surf, sail, swim and sunbathe. Best of all, these are activities you can enjoy at different times of the year. You will also get to see different types of wildlife such as mountain goats, among others. Other cruisers also love to shop for souvenirs and other interesting artefacts of the Mediterranean, besides regular shopping. Here, you will find fine materials for your clothes as well as some foods you may not even have seen back home. Nightclubs and bars are also abundant.


These are some of the fascinating things you will be able to enjoy while on a cruise to the Mediterranean. However, the list is not exhaustive. If you truly want to experience the wonders of the region, book a cruise and see it for yourself.

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