A Miraculous Diet Program That Can Do Wonders on Your Body

Master Cleanse

No doubt that a good effective diet program can do wonders on your body. It not only helps you in getting a best looking physique but also it helps in getting a healthy and fit body with completely refreshed soul and mind.

The Master Detox Cleanse is an extraordinary diet regimen which is used for the detoxification of the body as well as for reducing the excess body weight. It is also called with various names like master detox cleanse, master cleanser diet, maple syrup diet, cayenne pepper diet, lemonade diet, beyonce diet, etc.   

Certain people describe the Master Detox Cleanse as a fast. But frankly speaking the master cleanse is really a diet regimen and not a complete Fast because with the master cleanse diet per day nearly 1300 to 1500 calories were consumed by the dieting individual in the form of carbohydrates through the specified master cleanse beverages and drinks.

The Master Detox Cleanse was originally coined in 1940 by the alternative medical practitioner Stanley Burroughs. Stanley wrote the details of the master cleanse diet in his book which was initially very difficult to understand by every people. In that book Stanley explained the need of food and how it cures the bodily ailments. Stanley explained regarding the master cleanser and its benefits in treating ulcers, for weight loss and for any kind of disease.

Actually Stanley started this master cleanse diet for treating the stomach ulcers where it gave good results which finally gave way to manage most of the other diseases too. Burroughs was not only the introducer for master cleanse diet but also an expert in alternative therapies like deep massage, reflexology, light therapy, etc. and also an eminent vegetarian follower. Visit this site to know more about this excellent program and how it can benefit.

To be explained in a nutshell, the Master Detox Cleanse

1- Takes at least minimum 10 days to maximum of 40 days

2- The only thing you can permit to consume in those days is the specially made lemonade which is prepared with the master cleanses ingredients such as lemon juice, cayenne pepper, water and maple syrup.

3- This lemonade has to be consumed 6 to 12 glasses daily with each glass contains 110 calories.

4- A quart of salt water should be taken at every morning and an herbal laxative tea should be taken at night to keep the bowels clean always.

5- You have to break this diet by transferring your diet program into a solid food program over a few days where only vegetarian diet is indicated strictly.

In all master detox cleanse is such a wonderful diet program that it effective build up and make over your body once again so that you look and feel younger and smarter once again. It is a must try out if you are really concerned about getting a dashing look. Check out more about this program here at the site.

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