A Moldavian beauty for entire family

Winter at manor

Conac Polizu

Just 46 km away from Botosani, you open the gates of a dreamy manor from 1878, built by the last Moldavian ruler (Constantin Ghika-Deleni). The pure fresh smell of snow mantles you while you cannot stop admiring the calcareous sandstone pillars and the picture-perfect garden that roll into sublime horizons.

Here was the summer residence of Ghika’s princely family. At least until 1946 when the Russian army took it. Beautiful restored interiors with modern touches can be found in all well appointed spaces. The comfort and luxurious atmosphere of the end of the 19th century is still there though very few original pieces of furniture survived to the communists who used it until 1989.

Hungry ? You will be treated to a wonderful world of luscious Romanian food. Home made, of fruits and vegetables naturally grown on the estate even during winter time (the solarium has been invented especially for this !). Guests’ happiness is so important that even the cooking classes can be adapted to your dietary wishes and habits.

Surprisingly nature and peacefulness of spellbinding surroundings of the dendrologic park and domain, give you time to find yourself. And this wellbeing of body and mind can be completed with a saline therapy in the cave salt to which you have free unlimited access.

In the evening step down in the basement where the fully equipped wine cellar is the perfect setting for tastings as much as for local traditional cooking classes or romantic movies watching. See the album.

Guests of this all year round destination with ultra-all inclusive services, benefit of complimentary limited edition wine twilight in the garden, overlooking their favorite view and preferential rates for all requests of auxiliary services.

Cristina Paraschiv

Personal travel concierge and designer of exquisite experiences in Romania, Kryss has extensive knowledge about this less known destination. For the last over 18 years spent in hospitality field she enjoyed exploring countries like Malta, Germany, Austria and Czech Republic as much as revealing to others where and when to come on her native land to get the utmost of the still lively traditions, ...(Read More)

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