A Promising Portuguese Palace
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August 29, 2012   |   0 Comments

As far as locations for luxury hotels are concerned, there just does not seem to be anywhere that would be quite as strikingly scenic as Reid’s Palace by Orient-Express in Funchal, Portugal. Presented complete with restaurants, bars, a full day spa and some of the most lavish rooms and suites in the world, this subtropical location set next to the sea and perched above gorgeous cliffs offers guests a world of magnificence that would be extremely difficult to compete with.


Constantly heralded as one of the best luxury destinations in the world, Reid’s Palace by Orient-Express looks like it would be a fantastic location to have a romantic getaway with a loved one. And, that is exactly how I would plan my trip to this tremendous-looking Portuguese hotel - with romance, love and some special time alone with my wife.


The only aspect of going to this hotel that might be difficult is that I would have to find someone to watch the kids while we escape from home for a week or two.  

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