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A Rundown on the Latest Must-Have Designer Workout Gear
By: Katie Elizabeth   |    February 15, 2013   |   0 Comments (0) (0)

CC image from Flickr

Just because you’re hitting the gym doesn’t mean you have to wear a ratty T-shirt and sweatpants that have been in your dresser since high school. You can work out and look good at the same time, as any celebrity can tell you. Do you ever see Halle Berry looking anything less than fabulous on her way to a sweat session?

The answer is no, and there’s actually a psychological reason for this. Studies have shown that you’re more apt to push yourself if you feel good, and wearing designer duds certainly boosts self-confidence.

Here are some must-have designer workout clothes to add to your luxe closet.


Lulemon offers a diverse lineup of workout gear, from running to yoga apparel. It offers a great, flattering fit for every body type, and while the price is not cheap, it falls in a relatively reasonable range compared with some other designer gear. Bonus: Many Lulemon stores offer free yoga classes on the weekend, so you can try out your new purchases immediately.

Adidas by Stella McCartney

Tennis players like Serena Williams are known as much for their on-court fashion statements as their powerful serves, and McCartney’s tennis gear similarly does not disappoint. Never mind those boring tennis whites; McCartney offers color and flash in the form of a surprisingly comfortable tennis dress.

Lucas Hugh

Celebrity trainers and SSI disability attorneys alike look good in Lucas Hugh athletic wear, which flatters any body type. But the gear is also practical. The clothes include concealed pockets, headphone eyelets and ventilation panels to cool you off while you sweat.

Sauvage Swimwear

Whether you’re a guy looking for surf shorts or a woman searching for a suit that will stay put while you swim laps and then hit the beach, Sauvage has a stylish option available. The company clearly believes that practical clothing doesn’t have to be boring, and you can go straight from working out to hanging out with friends and still be the best dressed, without ever hitting the locker room.

Alexander Wang

No, Alexander Wang isn’t exactly known for workout gear, unless you enjoy working out in leather pants. But some of Wang’s bags make perfectly adorable gym totes, with enough room to carry your towel, change of clothes and pumps if you’re heading to work after you work up a sweat.

For that matter, a lot of designer clothing and accessories can be made over into workout gear if you get creative. Some cute metallic leggings can become great Pilates pants, while an adorable tank morphs into the perfect outfit for a high-intensity sweat session when you want to meet a special someone at the gym.

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