A Tidy Space is Essential for a Tidy Mind

It is generally accepted that a tidy space equals a tidy mind and this isn't just in Feng Shui circles either. Nowhere is this truer than in the office. An efficient space is essential to effective productivity and there are some easy ways to ensure that your business premises deliver on both.
Much time is dedicated to discussing 'decluttering' the home along with ways to organise your belongings to make your life easier. Not so much time is spent on the topic of organising office space and yet we spend a huge amount of time in this environment. Effective organisation is perhaps even more important when we are at work as the phrase 'time is money' holds true. A well thought through working space can increase output, not to mention create a calmer more pleasant atmosphere.
There are two key aspects of office storage that need the most thought. These are office storage solutions on a business level and also on a staff level. Not only do you have to consider the practicalities of the nature of your business but also ensure that on an individual basis, staff members are keeping their own space in line with the rest of the environment.

Desk Organisation
Providing staff with the right tools to ensure a neat desk space is the best way to encourage personal responsibility for tidiness. This certainly isn't rocket science but it is amazing how many offices get this wrong. Desk top office storage solutions such as stacked in-and-out trays, pen holders and drawers are the minimal essentials to help your staff stay on top of desk clutter. If you're brave enough, ban the post-it note! These kinds of scraps of paper are the root cause of much office stress. They clutter desks and make them look untidy and, even worse, they have a tendency to go missing and cause ridiculous amounts of stress when they are carrying crucial information. Instead, supply staff with a notebook in which they can jot everything essential in one place. Ask your staff to review what is on their desk and find an alternative home for anything which isn't used at least once or twice a week.

Business Organisation
On a larger scale, organisation your total office space is a more complex task. In the first instance consideration needs to be given to both the essential tools for your business practices and how, when and where they are needed for the best efficiency. If you're looking to update an existing office, which is the most likely scenario, a survey among staff is a good way to determine how things could be improved. Once you have determined the amount and nature of the storage solutions you need then it's time to make a selection from the huge variety out there. Like any major purchase, this is an investment for your business and as such you want to get the best from your spend. One of the best ways to be sure of this is to choose quality storage solutions of course but in addition think about flexible pieces, such as mobile furniture, so that it can adapt as your business evolves. This kind of furniture also makes the most of your space too. Archive storage or filing systems could be moved to make way for additional seating for an internal office conference for example.

Creating an effective working environment is a powerful way to optimise productivity in the office. Staff can take pride in a well thought through work space and are more likely to take pride in their work too.

Georgina Miller is a writer specialising in designing corporate spaces including office storage solutions. She writes for a number of interior design websites and blogs and used as a reference source for this article.

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